Flexible al-Khalifi in Mbappé and he is likely to leave Real Madrid

Flexible al-Khalifi in Mbappé and he is likely to leave Real Madrid

Nasser al-Khalifi, head of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), was adamant on Thursday that he would be able to sell the Kylan Mbappé, when French newspapers promised that Real Madrid had raised 10 more incentives to 180 million euros.

“As Leo (Leonardo, sports director) mentioned yesterday (Wednesday), I think we were very clear on our position. About Kylian, our position has not changed. Everyone knows it; he knows it. Our position is very clear and very honest,” he told the channel. Said Be the game, At the end of the UEFA Champions League draw in Istanbul.

When, The French press assures that PSG has already received a new offer for rising French achievements. Real Madrid put 180 million euros on the table, 20 more than what was offered this week. Team He talks about 180 million that could add 10 more to the yet-to-be-mentioned incentive.

That last offer would be equivalent to at least 180 million, with PSG agreeing to pay Monaco Mbappé in 2017, of which 145 have already been transferred to the Chancellor.

Until the player is replaced or renewed with PSG, there are 35 million to do so.

However, Paris is trying to achieve a profit margin through the Saint-Germain process. According to ParisianPSG will only sit for negotiations if the Mering offer is at least மில்லியன் 220 million.

Mbappé, the 22-year-old world champion, has yet to renew his contract with PSG, which expires in June 2022, and the Parisians could join another club in four months without seeking economic compensation.

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Pandi Prodigy rejected the proposal of his current club Team.

It is clean 25 million euros and includes a pay rise in a contract until 2026.

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