Florentino Perez brawls against Quinta del Buitre

Florentino Perez brawls against Quinta del Buitre

More votes were published for Florentino Perez and in the latest it was revealed the attacks against the famous ‘Quinta del Buitre’

Voices against Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez continued to emerge and on Thursday the Merengo boss’ conversations about the famous “Quinta del Puerte”, which includes Emilio Butragueño, Michel, Miguel Bardeza, Manolo Sanchez and Rafael, were published. Martin.

In these phonemes, the same sounds that the newspaper published نشرت secrecyAnd the He accused the five elements of “living the whole life of Real Madrid until they die”.

What they want is to collect 100 million pesetas, about 600 thousand euros a year, from Madrid. They are very clear about it. But they are all: the eagle, Michel, Martin Vazquez, Sanchez … the whole Quinta del Buitre,” Florentino can be heard saying without hesitation.

In addition, Michel, while he was technical director of Real Madrid Castilla, was accused of running into Juan Mata, who was one of the best prospects for getting into the first team, to make way for his son, Adrian Gonzalez. .

“I think Michel is the one who makes the hole for Mata, he’s the one to throw it in so his son can play. Come on, that’s what it is,” Florentino said.

Which is that the departure of Mata was surprising given the level of the striker, who was one of the best scorers for the Spanish national team and one of the favorites of the fans. When Michel arrived at Castilla, he led the team to the bottom of the rating having finished 19th.

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He even confirmed that the Spaniard was not a good coach at all and that if he did make it to the bench at Castilla, it would be on the recommendation of Spanish journalist Jose Ramon de la Morena, then Cadena SER’s El Larguero manager.

“Michel is a crook. He’s a lousy coach. He’s been appointed coach of Madrid de la Morena, come on for sure. He’s his student, but he’s not a coach: you can’t coach the second division when the performance is so bad in Second B (referring to Rayo Vallecano, the first club trained in it Michel, in second place b) ”, collects El Confidencial.

The audio recordings date from 2006 to 2012 in which Perez was heard raucously in front of important Real Madrid players such as Uker Casillas, Raul, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho.

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