Floyd Mayweather dominated, but failed to knock out Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather dominated, but failed to knock out Logan Paul

The former multi-champion boxing champion was superior to the ring on YouTube, although he couldn’t win

finally, Floyd Mayweather Jr. s Logan Paul They found themselves above the ring, but after eight rounds of exhibition There was no winner in the match.

despite of Mayweather He was superior since the start of the fight, and he couldn’t finish it pol And the fight is gone full track On L Hard Rock Stadium de Miami.

before the fight The fighters agreed to enter the ring despite the weight differencePlus, over 15 kg There were no judges present So there was no official ticket to determine the winner.

Mayweather He entered the fray at 155 pounds while pol She climbed on the scale with 189.5.

In the first two rounds, It was Paul who took the leadHowever, blows fell on my arms and shoulders Mayweather, who managed to counterattack his opponent.

From the third was Mayweather who took the initiative and started getting better shots, making pol He wiggled on more than one occasion, but failed to send him to the carpet.

The last three rounds were a carbon copy, with Mayweather release fists and pol Resist standing up to force to cross full track.

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