Follow, The House of the Famous 2024 Live Today, January 23 | Schedule, participants and TV signal | Answers

Follow, The House of the Famous 2024 Live Today, January 23 |  Schedule, participants and TV signal |  Answers

After a successful season in 2023, Wendy Guerra was the reality champion. now, Telemundo preparing a new version of A famous house Mexico will bring in characters like Gregorio Bernia, Guti Carrera, Alfredo Adam. In this tip, find out all the details that will keep your followers waiting.

When and where to visit the famous Mexican house?

Followers of La Casa de los Famosos should know that the new season begins this Tuesday, January 23 at 6:00 PM (Mexico City Time) and 7:00 PM (Peru and Eastern United States Time). The Mexican reality show can be seen on the Telemundo signal from Monday to Friday and on Sundays, which are considered Gala days. Also, various episodes can be watched through the official site of the TV show.

Who is part of the famous Mexican house?

Below we present the celebs people talked about during the cohabitation of the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos:

  • Lubilo Rivera
  • Tali Garcia
  • Gregorio Bernia
  • Maribili Rivera
  • Pedro Figueira, 'La Divasa'
  • Jose Reyes, 'The Molasses'
  • Alana Literas
  • Fernando Lozada
  • Ariadna Gutierrez
  • Clovis Nienow
  • Sophie Duran
  • Carlos Gomez, 'The Canyon'
  • Daniela Alexis, 'La Pepeshita'
  • Mariana Gonzalez
  • Sylvia Del Valle, 'La Bronca'
  • Alfredo Adam
  • Little Carrera
  • Rodrigo Rome
  • Leslie Gallardo
  • Robbie Mora
  • Christina Porta

Who are the drivers of the famous Mexican house?

For this new season of La Casa de los Famosos, the hosts will be Jimena Gallego, who will be with Nacho Lozano, who will return to Telemundo. As for the communicator, he is part of the show 'De Pisa y Corrio' on Image Television, but La Casa de los Famosos takes place in Mexico so there will be no problem.

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What is the famous Mexican house about?

La Casa de los Famosos México is about a group of characters who are locked in a house with no contact with the outside world, so they have to live with each other. In this way many controversies, romances come and sometimes they dare to tell their private life. It is important to mention that the huge popularity it has achieved is due to TikTok as most of the news is usually shared through this social network.

Can GUTY CARRERA reach Nicola Porcella's feat?

After impressing the Mexican public for his participation in La Casa de los Famosos in August of last year, Nicola Porcella received different job offers as host of a show and as a character in a novel. For this reason, the Peruvian decided to stay and live in the Central American country with his son.

In this life we ​​all have the right to correct ourselves, to be better people and Mexico. It made me a better person. Thank you, because here my new life with my mother begins in Mexico, I tell you.” said Nicola Porcella.

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