“Forbidden and out of work”: Carlos Trejo mocks Alfredo Adam after the election | Important

“Forbidden and out of work”: Carlos Trejo mocks Alfredo Adam after the election |  Important

Mexico City.- In an exaggerated laugh and 45 second video, Carlos Trejo mocked the results he got Alfredo Adam As a federal deputy candidate in Talalban.

Also, the so-called Ghostbusters “Stupid,” he says Twice and in one of the “idiots.”

The video aired on the account of Carlos Trejo, who has been struggling for more than three decades, and the controversy against the actor, which led them to challenge each other with challenges.

Adam contested the election for the Progressive Social Network Party (RSP) this Sunday and received 1,119 votes (last place), according to the National Election Commission (INE)’s initial results plan.

“Alfredito, I congratulate you,” Carlos Trejo teasingly says. “You get about 10 thousand 400 moms for every vote. The worst thing !, is forbidden, without work and it would be very cannonish for someone to do business with you,” the writer of “Cassidas” said in a mocking tone.

“The truth is, how stupid are you? Look at the same political party you took between your legs, the record was even lost … Bravo idiot! Bravo idiot! ..”.

The origins of the feud between Carlos Trejo and Alfredo Adam

According to Carlos Trejo, Alfredo Adam was jealous of his rating when he was on the “Neustra Gaza” show, unlike the host on “Viva La Messana”.

This, according to “Ghostbusters”, later led to an attempt to discredit Adam, who eventually launched an attack on him, killing one of his workers, 20 years old.

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Trejo says that one day, Adam’s ex-assistant called them to warn them that an attack would take place outside his house, but the writer of “Cassidas” was not there that day because he missed his flight to another city and did not come. Carlos says a bullet killed the young man and went very close to his daughter.

“They said on the phone, ‘Tell me they’re going to attack Trejo.'” Shortly after hearing the shot, they killed my secretary’s brother, twenty years old, that’s the case, that’s the fight, and on August 2 this boy’s mother will be in the front row. “

He also said there was a complaint, but it was not resolved because there were no witnesses to the young man’s disappearance.

The lawsuit, which sparked a feud between the two for more than 15 years, had different moments, but the constant threats were always the order of the day, in an interview, where Adam Trejo promised to break into the expensive ones where he ran.

Another confronted him on national television, promising that he had already broken his teeth during a meeting off camera in the past.

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