Ford confirms new Ford Bronco Raptor will arrive in 2022

Ford confirms new Ford Bronco Raptor will arrive in 2022

Finally it’s official, after months of speculation, all the rumors are over. Good news for all Ford fans, especially Bronco fans. a Ford Bronco RaptorAnd it will come very soon. this tuesday, The automaker released a sneak peek What will be the new off-road SUV in a short video.

What does the new Ford Bronco Raptor video reveal?

This puts an end to rumors that Ford may have chosen the name. bronco pig For this high-performance version of the SUV. The Raptor does indeed have some nimbleness among Ford off-road enthusiasts, but I digress. The teaser video shows a lot of nothing in terms of the car itself, but yeah We get a glimpse of the typical Raptor-style grille. The word “Ford” is also written in bold letters instead of “Bronco”. Next, we caught the SUV sliding across the floor before the preview was over.

When will the new Ford Bronco Raptor arrive?

Ford will certainly be eager to test this car out in the coming months, and we have some time. The Bronco Raptor will hit the scene in 2022. Interestingly enough, the brand called it a “special edition”. We have many questions that only time will answer, but without a doubt this is the best news released after Ford’s hurdles as production of the SUV halted due to lack of supplies.


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