Former German Ambassador: #BukeleDictador insults the memory of innocent Nazi victims by comparing himself to them

Former German Ambassador: #BukeleDictador insults the memory of innocent Nazi victims by comparing himself to them

Heinrich Haupt described the relationship that Buckley built on Tuesday night during the national network in which he tried to defend the dismissal of the judges and the Attorney General as “a shameful and unforgivable lack of respect.”

Former German ambassador to El Salvador, Heinrich Haupt, rejected the comparison made by Nayeb Bukele on Tuesday evening about the international condemnation of the coup in El Salvador with the victims of the Holocaust.

“Our friends were wrong,” Buckley said, referring to the international ruling on the dismissal of the Constitutional Chamber judges and the Attorney General. He added, “A friend could be wrong. Many friends could be wrong too. The fact that five people thought the same did not mean that they were right. In Germany, millions and tens of millions of people thought it was okay to burn Jews in the oven. I mean.” Lots of people could be wrong. “

Heinrich Haupt responded on his Twitter account, stating that the president had insulted the memory of Holocaust victims during the national grid on Tuesday.

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#BukeleDictator It offends the memory of the innocent victims of the Nazis when compared to them and implicitly indicates that their critics are murderous criminals: disrespect and attachment to reality that is unforgivable and shameful, as in the same tyrants as always! The candid message from Heinrich Haupt was on the social network.

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International condemnation of the May 1 coup during the first plenary session of the legislature, which is dominated by the ruling party, was widespread.

In his speech, Bukele tried to defend the separations condemned by more than 50 organizations at the continental level as illegal, in addition to the condemnations of the Organization of American States (OAS), the United Nations, the European Union and countries such as the United States, Canada and Norway.

On Wednesday, the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, urged Bokeley to respect the independence of the authorities, and warned that the country is on the way to countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

It can read: “Someone explains to me why you are guilty of them (because of the dismissals),” Buckley tells the diplomats.

During the meeting with members of the diplomatic corps accredited in the country, which was broadcast on the national network on Tuesday, the European Union Ambassador Andrew Bassouls took the floor to reiterate his rejection of the facts that he said were endangering the country’s democracy.

The diplomat told the president that the integrity and independence of the judges must be guaranteed and described what he saw on May 1 as “shocking.”

In addition to the legal issues which are definitely important, there is also an image issue. How does parliament reject in a very short time. It was horrible. There may be arguments for and against. There is no doubt that it would have been shocking to see without prior procedures how the judges were removed from their office without being able to say anything. This concern is reflected (in international convictions). “ Basol said.

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What’s more: The United Nations “takes note” and asks that the constitution be respected after the dismissals in El Salvador

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