Former world champion Celso Freddy Goetti died with Honduras in Spain in 1982

Former world champion Celso Freddy Goetti died with Honduras in Spain in 1982

Miami, United States.

We left another player in the World Cup. Former Honduran football player Celso Freddy Goetti NunezHe died, 65, on Thursday in Miami, USA, due to bone cancer that afflicted him for a period until it led to his death.

Goetti, who played as a winger, was part of the Honduran national team at the 1982 World Cup Finals in Spain, although he did not play any games. He was in the process of developing this historical rating, and participated in a tie and a hex under the orders of Chelato Uclés.

Celsinho, as he was called, lived a period of glory in football, but it wasn’t very long. He played for two teams in the national league, the Marathon, in which he was a champion in 1985, and the Sola de la Lima. He was also a member of the Army Corps in the Guatemalan municipality.

He decided to quit football to help his family, because at that time his salary as a player was very little and was not enough and for many there was no punctuality when paying, as he said in an interview in 2010.

The need to move forward prompted him to search for a better future and immigrate to the United States, where his life took a full turn. A person born in Corozal has turned from a World Cup into a maker. With a lot of effort and work, he was able to settle on North American soil.

Goeti joins the unfortunate list of former Honduran football glories who passed away. With him, there are six ex-globalists who no longer exist in this world after the death of Domingo Drummond Cuper, Francisco Javier Toledo, Roberto ‘robot’ Billy, Roberto ‘Macho’ Figueroa and Luis Cruz, who was a victim of the Coronavirus.

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