Fracking is Trump’s ‘Hail Mary’ against Python

Fracking is Trump’s ‘Hail Mary’ against Python

WASHINGTON – During the Democratic presidential presidency, James D. Wright, who leads the Association of Operating Engineers in Western Pennsylvania, Kunz was concerned that the party would choose a candidate determined to shut down the natural gas industry, which has boosted the livelihoods of thousands of fellow Pennsylvanians.

In recent weeks, President Trump has called on Mr. Democrats have repeatedly told voters like Guns that they did. Joseph R. Biden Jr. will ban gas extraction by hydraulic breakdown or splitting, as he and Vice President Mike Pence have repeatedly said – don’t remember what the former Vice President said otherwise.

Mr. Guns did not buy it.

“I am very comfortable approving Joe Biden,” he said. Guns said.

Lagging behind in the elections, Mr. White, who sought to regain the dominance of the white, working class that had narrowed the Upper Midwest in 2016. Trump has finally created something. Mr. Despite Biden’s persistent position that he would not work to ban the practice, his campaign has used confusing statements about committing fraud.

Mr. Pence, in his discussion with Senator Kamala Harris, made the accusation that a Biden administration would ban him at least five times.

But in Pennsylvania, Mr. It doesn’t seem to be getting enough traction where Trump needs it most. Recent Polls பிடனை ஒரு 13 percent point lead Probably the most important swing position.

Mr. Guns is one of half a dozen Western Pennsylvania union officials and members of the Steamfighters Union, Builders Guild and Construction Association. Who told the New York Times earlier this year They can’t tell their members to vote for the candidate who supported a ban, but in recent weeks Mr. Those affiliated with Pitan. They each expressed concern that the Democrats had become hostile to the fossil fuel industry as they pushed for the development of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

But in this month’s interviews, he said that addressing climate change was not the answer to the attack on the natural gas industry. They said they took Biden’s word.

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“They can feed America’s economic power by sun and wind wise, and then thank God for that,” said Kenneth Broadband, business manager at Steamfighters Local 449, which endorsed Mr Biden. “But they need natural gas, and Biden understands that.”

The alliance between workers and liberal Democrats in Western Pennsylvania remains unconcerned.

Mr. Alexandria Okazio-Cortez, a New York representative who is a leading supporter of the progressive Green New Deal, who co – chaired Biden’s Climate Change Task Force, called the fraud “bad.” Tweeted After the Vice Presidential debate.

Evan Weber, political director of the Sunrise Movement, a youth-led group of climate activists, criticized Mr Harris’ performance during the vice presidential debate, saying, “The American people like climate action. Polls have no reason to be ashamed. “

Proceed with Election 2020

Even in Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump and Mr. There is evidence that breaking is not the main issue that both Biden seem to think it is.

Mr. Many union leaders and members who have spoken out in support of Python have made policy decisions that affect their livelihoods, such as redesigning the courts with conservative judges who oppose laws protecting union pay in federal-funded programs.

“President Trump is going to destroy our pensions for another four years,” said Thomas R. Snyder, business manager for the Pittsburgh Regional Building Trade Council, an umbrella body for construction unions. Melcher said.

Mr. Mr Melcher felt that Trump’s promises had failed: to bring production back, save coal, and provide a larger infrastructure package.

“He says a lot of things, but everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie,” Mr Melcher said of the president.

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But Mr. Even pro-Pitani union leaders acknowledged that their rank and file were split. Mr. Shawn Steffi, at least one powerful union leader, is a business agent and board member with Boiler Makers Local 154. Has come strong for Trump.

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have nothing to do with the fossil fuel industry. He has failed many times and President Trump has embraced fossil fuels, natural gas and coal,” Mr Steffi said.

Mr. Before voting for Trump in 2016, the 35-year-old Democrat Mr. Steffi said he plans to vote Republican again, and that most of his members will also believe it. Their main issue: energy.

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not entirely clear,” Mr. Said Steffi. Mr. Biden quoted a comment he made last year. “Final fossil fuel“Even when he vowed to protect the fracturing.” You can’t have both ways, “Mr. Steffi said.” My members and my locals, we’re riding the fence. We took a stand. ”

Charlie Gerov, a Republican strategist in Pennsylvania, said the offensive line of the Trump campaign has an effect.

“I think Trump’s linking Biden to the Green New Deal is operating not only in fraudulent locations, but across the state. I think this is helping Trump in the suburbs,” he said.

“It’s just where it was four years ago. Donald Trump has always surpassed elections and certainly performed better than them in Pennsylvania,” Mr Zero said.

Come on. The campaign was carried out, while Mr. Biden makes them a hub.

Mr. Mr Madonna said Trump “did not do in these old mining and plant cities as he did four years ago,” because he was dealing with a corona virus outbreak in the suburbs.

Mr. Madonna said she was skeptical of the importance of fraud in statewide elections. But, four years ago in Pennsylvania, Mr. As Trump did, “When you win by 44,000 voters,” you have to be careful because a little thing here or there can make a difference. “

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Mrs. Harris a Green is the original co-sponsor of the new deal When it was proposed as a resolution, his platform at the forefront of the Democratic Party prohibited fraud. Mr Biden said the Green New Deal was “an important framework for meeting the climate challenges we face,” but did not support it. His plan calls for spending $ 2 trillion over four years to increase clean energy and eliminate fossil fuel emissions from the power sector by 2035.

He promised to end new permits for hydraulic breakdowns on federal lands and waters, but said “we need to move on because we need a change” for renewable energy.

“The Green New Deal is not my plan,” Mr Biden said during a presidential debate last month. When asked by the Vice President during the debate what the Biden administration’s position was on the Green New Deal, Ms Harris did not respond.

In western Pennsylvania, Mr. He said union members who support Pita want to help tackle climate change and continue to build a gas infrastructure. Mr. They hope Biden finds a way to do both.

“Democrats should be in the middle of the road. We are for jobs. We are for energy. We are for the people who create a middle class way of life,” Mr Broadband said.

Jim Harding, a steam fitter in Alegani County who has worked at gas bases for 30 years, said he was leaning towards Mr Pitton and that the Trump campaign’s attacks on fraud had not provoked him. Mr. He acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Fidel’s government and that it would work with liberal Democrats to eliminate gas and other fossil fuels.

“I think we have his ear,” Mr. Harding said, “Otherwise, he will ask of us. Trust me.”

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