Fred Raffoul: “Legislators are not princes, nor are presidents kings”

Fred Raffoul: “Legislators are not princes, nor are presidents kings”

Senator for the National District, awesome faridmentioned that Senators and Representatives of the Republic are neither princes nor head of state a king.

The leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party said in a tweet on her Twitter, “Neither legislators are princes nor heads of kings.”

“Properties have fallen exactly To entrench in the preservation and defense of pesky privileges. Be careful, Raful said.

The congressman’s message has been published Referring to a video clip of his party partner Eugenio CedeñoA deputy from La Romana County, who, when participating in a radio interview, spoke about the privileges and exemptions of lawmakers.

According to Sedinho, these privileges for representatives of the National Congress are justified because “princes in all societies are privileged” and for representatives “They are the princes of the nation“.

“We are 190 of the nation’s princes who were chosen by our people to represent them in a national forum,” the legislator said.

The lawmaker made the remarks when announcing the introduction of a bill to reduce the exemptions to just one per state, instead of the two he currently receives.

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