From Kendrick Nun’s smoldering hand, the Miami Heat conceded another loss to the Los Angeles Lakers | Spain

From Kendrick Nun’s smoldering hand, the Miami Heat conceded another loss to the Los Angeles Lakers | Spain

Miami Heat Staples visited the center Poked in the wound of the new little hero Los Angeles Lakers, As with some resentment after the defeat in the NBA Finals. And those from Florida won 96-94 In a low-level rugged game (less than 43% of the field and 29% in triples for both teams), but it remained exciting until the last possession. Incredible Personality: Kendrick Nunn, the base for those led by Eric Spoelstra.

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The visiting team managed to win thanks to the significant income it received in the first quarter (32-23), a period during which Noon set the rhythm of the match, and the difference he obtained at the start of the last quarter, where he escaped by 10 points on the scoreboard.

Then he fought off some of the more notable Lakers from the minor players and LeBron James who wasn’t great this time and had many chances to go to the front in the last minute of the match and Until the last possession which ended with a missed shot by Alex Caruso.

Nunn was signed on a list of 27 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 robberies with 5-6 in hat-3s and 10-14 in shots from the field. In the 40 minutes he played, he was the best on the field. Other more popular prominences on The Heat were also a bit in tune, like Jimmy Butler has 25 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists And basic free throws at the end or Bam Adebayo with 16 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists.

Miami was ahead in the area drawn, scoring 52 points against 34 of the LakersAnd thus compensate for the bad night of the young professionals in threes: 1-5 for Duncan Robinson, 0-8 for Max Strauss and 1-3 for Tyler Hero. It was the second successive victory for South Florida, which remained in 10th place in the Eastern Conference with a score of 13-17.

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In the Lakers, what else He lost for the third time in four matches since Anthony Davis was injured (Including the match against Denver in which he was injured in the first half), The loose offensive mission was repeated to fall on the Brooklyn Nets Last Thursday (also not scoring 100 points) As well as his internal defense problemsSymptoms can be predicted without AD.

LeBron James wasn’t his best match, as he finished with 19 points, 9 assists, 9 rebounds, 5 losses, and 7-21 shots from the field. With 1-7 in three times in 37 minutes. The king was unknown in the last period, as he barely added two goals and tried much of the hat-trick, failing again and again.

Kyle Kuzma delivered the same number of shots as LeBron and scored a bit more goals, ending the season with 21 points.Montrezel Harrell contributed twice off the bench with 18 points and 10 rebounds plus a necessary spark in times when the former Los Angeles Clippers seemed to be the only attacking card for locals that Nor did they have Dennis Schroeder, who was still marginalized by the Health Protocol.

Alex Caruso finished 0 points, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope sumó 11, Wesley Matthews 10 y Marc Gasol 6 plus 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks in 24 minutes For Spanish. At 9-22, the Lakers are now tied for second place in the West with the Clippers, who lead them in the tiebreak against each other.

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First Quarter:

Despite Kyle Kuzma’s impressive attacking level, who culminated in a three-point shot and a superb shot at Pam Adebayo within his 11 points at the start, the Miami Heat were far ahead of the Lakers and with a formidable performance on both sides of the field. He took the first quarter 36-23.

Nunn was a mirror of Cosma but even with more success, scoring 6-7 against 15 points, while Butler and Adebayo were very active. In Los Angeles, the only two players to score in the first ten minutes are Cosma and James. In the middle, the Florida players had a 15-4 pass in their favor which they took advantage of, and then Noon with his triples and clear play made an even bigger difference.

The second bedroom:

Heat stayed ahead, now 59-52, with fewer teams by LeBron James’ work and will. The king came very aggressively at the beginning of the second quarter, limiting the margin to one place.

When he left LBJ to rest for a moment, Miami put 53-39 partially out of Tyler Herro’s hand, although the Lakers ended up leaving at the end of the first half with a not-so-great score of 6-0 in the finish with a hat-trick from Kentavious Caldwell – Pope and Mark Gasol, who He had attended KCP previously. Between LeBron and Kuzma they added 29 points from Building and Nunn (without protrusions in the second quarter), Butler and Adebayo add 39 Miami points. In the painted zone, where the Heat punishes the Lakers the most, who actually suffered from it in the last game.

Third quarter:

Miami continues, but its progress continues to diminish: now 81-77. The Lakers have already led the way to the third period, 66-63 driven by 3 by Matthews, KCP and Gasol.

The Heat’s team reacted massively 13-0, as Nun caught fire, the primary butler appeared on both sides, and paint damage reappeared. But after winning by 10 points at 1:40 from the left, they ended up giving away three baskets in their drawn area and giving Angelino good illusions for the final season.

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The last room:

The last quarter evolution was a good summary of what the game was up to. Few points, consecutive moments on both sides, Kendrick N’s shooting and LeBron James foul from the ocean and fouls until the last possession.

The Heat started by extending their lead to 10 points in the first minutes thanks to Nunn and Duncan Robinson, while the Lakers spent more than six minutes to score points other than Harrell reaching the edge. The match reached clutch with Miami 89-84 victory and LeBron’s first points came at an important moment, leaving the score at 92-89 with 2:42 left.

Jimmy Butler was steady from the free throw line and did not concede anything to the opponent, but after a two-point attempt that failed, the Lakers were able to advance to the front in the last minute: Cosma did not take advantage of that opportunity and then Wesley Matthews did not recover the ball after Duncan Robinson lost due to a foul. offensive.

The 96-92 Butler left just 12 seconds before seemed to suffice, but then the Lakers had one last chance. LeBron missed a triple from the corner that ended up with two points for Agilino after an easy and quick bounce off attack by Matthews in the paint area. Iguodala substituted the ball with a risky pass and the Lakers recovered the ball in a few seconds in pursuit of an equalizer, doubling the defense for LeBron and on the 23rd he passed the ball to Alex Caruso, who crossed the goal line and made the latter mistake that he could have moved the match into extra time.

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