From today a limited time offer from ETECSA! Get 25 GB, free WhatsApp, and 2000 cups

From today a limited time offer from ETECSA!  Get 25 GB, free WhatsApp, and 2000 cups

Starting today, March 11, the ETECSA offer begins, with time limits, as it will only be active until next March 17. That is, from today, Monday until next Sunday. Among the benefits of this international recharge is a 25GB “gift,” as well as free WhatsApp and 2,000 pesos for your wallet.

according to Web ETECSA Officially, from March 11 to 17, 2024, every prepaid customer who gets an international recharge in that period – equal to or greater than 500 cups and not more than 1,250 cups – will receive an additional bonus of 25 GB (all networks) in addition to Enjoy free WhatsApp (24 hours a day).

Additionally, it specifies “If in the last 30 days a customer has received: international recharges, plans or promotions, he will earn a 2,000 COP credit that will be added to the amount of recharged funds in his main balance.”

“Customers who have not received international recharges, plans or promotions within the last 30 days from the time they received that international recharge will only receive the amount of money recharged to their main balance,” they add, “so they will not receive the 2,000 cups as credit.” “.

ETECSA offer of the day

Customers who get multiple recharges during the offer, whether on the same day or on different days, collect both main balance and rewards. This means that the duration of the bonus is extended with each new recharge, allowing the customer to enjoy its benefits for a longer period, according to Etecsa.

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ETECSA's international recharge offer as of today has this limit, as it will be valid from March 11 to 17, 2024: from 00:01 AM on March 11 to 11:59 PM on March 17, 2024, Cuba time.

From which locations can I recharge according to ETECSA? The sites they promote are: deaton, ding, richarjacoba,kobasil.etopuponline, Recharge phones and Catapolic, among others.

The recharge amount must be between 500 cups and 1250 cups for this offer to be valid. Less than 500 cups, this offer will not apply, nor more than 1,250 cups.

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