FTSE drops into vaccine rally stalls – live updates

FTSE drops into vaccine rally stalls – live updates

G.morning. The FTSE 100 is set to fall after Monday ‘s Modern Day rally as European countries continue to impose tougher Govt restrictions.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged people to limit public and private meetings, while Sweden imposed its strict restrictions as intensive care beds began to fill.

“Don’t go to gyms, don’t go to libraries. Do not hold dinner, do not hold dinners. Cancel, ”said Prime Minister Stephen Lofven.

5 things to start your day

1) Foreign acquisition rules could create ‘economic nationalism’: A top business lobby group warns of new security laws that could have a “cool effect” on foreign acquisitions investing in the UK economy.

2) Moderna explained the market moving jab data before the public release: About an hour before the details were released, the American pharmaceutical maker explained to the media that its jab would be nearly 95 pc effective against covit.

3) ‘Zoom Boom’ helps Japan escape recession: As Japan’s economy emerged from recession in the third quarter, the decision to avoid a severe lockout was helped by “zooming in”.

4) Airbnb b reveals significant losses over 30bn IPO: Airbnb has reported a loss of $ 7 1.7 billion (over $ 1.3 billion) over the past three years as it filed for the year’s most anticipated U.S. stock market buoy.

5) Tesla shares will rise when it joins the S&P 500’s gilded rankings: The electric car maker has sent shares up to 14 pcs after reporting five consecutive quarterly gains in the blue-chip index of the United States.

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It happened overnight

While most Asian definitions did not change, energy and financial stocks rose, while health and communications stocks lagged. As Modernna Inc.’s vaccine was shown to be 94.5 PCs effective, the U.S. futures retreated after the S&P 500 closed all the time.

Among the best shows of the day on Wall Street were stocks that would benefit from reopening, such as shipping and air carriers. The European future collapsed.

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