FUBB lowered its thumb upon the arrival of Esteban Batista and Nacional will file an appeal

FUBB lowered its thumb upon the arrival of Esteban Batista and Nacional will file an appeal

Esteban Batista’s return to Nacional to play in the Uruguayan Basketball League 2021 suffered an organizational setback The tricolor moves on the offices of the Uruguayan Basketball Association (FUBB) to achieve their qualification for the tournament qualifiers.

Nacional announced the return of the pivot system last Sunday, April 18th, as a replacement for one of its national chips, Jonathan Sacko. (He is Argentine but of Uruguayan origin and thus holds a national record), who has ruptured.

Batista, an alternative to a national card or an unnamed card?

The next day They submitted a query to FUBB Regulations and the Eligibility Committee to see if the substitution was in compliance with the regulations.

Batista complies with each of the requirements listed in Article 14 of the 2020-2021 Uruguayan Basketball League Regulations, L said Rule Club president Ariel Martinez.

“This article states that in order to exchange a national card for another, eight requirements must be submitted: 1) to be in the pre-qualifying stage; 2) to be the first and only substitute for a national player who has the cards to be executed; 3) that the player is authorized. By playing in accordance with FUBB regulations; 4) that the player does not come with a pass from outside; 5) that the player did not play abroad during the previous year on the date of substitution; 6) that the player is not from the domestic leagues; 7) that the intended substitution is from a larger tile for tiles Larger; and 8) that the player is not in this case a National and has not played as an unnamed chip in the current tournament, “Martinez said.

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However, The committee responded in the negative. why? Because of the interpretative scope given to the phrase “last year”. Batista played the 2019-2020 season with San Lorenzo de Almagro. His last match was played on March 5, 2020 for the domestic championship (which remained incomplete in the end) while on March 12, 2020 he played for the NBA Champions League.

Later Batista played the Uruguay League 2019-2020 playoffs with Hebraika McCabe (losing 3–1 in the quarter-finals against Truffel in November of last year).

Nacional realizes that Batista played more than 365 days ago with San Lorenzo. But the committee realized that the term prior year referred to the whole of 2020.

When we officially receive the explanations We will appeal the decision and take it to the FUBB Court of Appeals. I’m sure it happens because Esteban Batista is the most uneven player in the league. “Martinez said.

In the same position as Batista, it was Leandro Taboada who was to temporarily replace Marcos Marotta in Trouville. The former Nacional and Aguada played in 2020 for Libertad de Senchal. Diego Alvarez, who was on Aguada’s radar and who was last year, before the halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, also defended Cecilista Olympico de la Panda.

You can play for an alien

If the appeal is unsuccessful, Nacional can only use Batista as one of his three unlabeled pieces. It is occupied by foreigners Dominic Morrison, Charles Mitchell and Devon Collier. As Morrison started the season recovering from his tearing, Nacional brought in a fourth outside player, Angel Nunez, who played a few matches instead of Morrison and Mitchell with a very good performance (they can only play three unnamed chips in each match).

With the arrival of Batista, Nacional became a weight candidate

From a legal point of view, Nacional supports its position that the above-mentioned Article 14, which stipulates that “he did not play in the previous year abroad” nor “nor that he played the previous year abroad,” so they understand that the reference is the natural and temporal concept of the term. The year “is 365 days long and not the previous year as the name (2020 in this case).

National also understands that it would be absurd that if the legal principle refers to the previous year (2020) it may be the case that a player who played at the beginning of 2021 could play in this league, which is contrary to the spirit of the rule.

The FUBB Court of Appeals will have the final say on this case.

Batista, who began training at Nacional on April 19, is waiting. It is possible that the next match against the Capitol will not be played due to the number of positive cases of covid-19 that Prado has. If the three colors win these points, they will guarantee a place among the top four in the first stage of the competition. He only had to play with Urunday Universitario to fulfill the schedule. Then he will await the qualifiers safely in the quarter-finals. Before that, other quarter-finalists with crosses between fifth and twelfth places must be determined.

What’s more, On Wednesday, FUBB authorities will meet with the National Sports Secretariat to analyze whether they will continue in the league or stop for a few weeks due to the growth in coronavirus cases andN Aguada, Capitol, Begua and Malvin.

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