Fustecma Nou Bàsquet scores first defeat at Staple (61-75)

Fustecma Nou Bàsquet scores first defeat at Staple (61-75)

Fustecma Nou Bàsquet suffered its first defeat of the season at Grapa
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definitely the wing harrow It would take a long time to watch a disastrous first quarter game like the one he shone in on Saturday this Saturday at The new Fustecma women’s basketball.

The inhabitants of Castellón threw any choice to achieve what would have been their sixth victory in group b from Women’s League 2 in this first 10 minutes where, inexplicably, Joseph Street, who arrived in the capital of La Plana overwhelmed with infractions, a Rent 25 points, it is already impossible to be beaten by the buildingAlways, despite his best efforts.

Pull from the start

a 2-12 at startup, in the first two minutes, it was symptomatic that it wasn’t Fustecma Nou Bàsquet day. Jaume Tormo’s early lead time couldn’t stop the bleeding that was getting worse with every passing second in this first season of the bout.

Surprised Nou Bàsquet from Sant Josep en Grapa

Despite Sancho’s trio that followed the first technical break, St. Josep was gradually achieving an important victory led by the Preggy mobile, which – which Destroy the Fustecma Nou Bàsquet area of ​​the Triple Line (She scored 5) and was the top scorer, with a score of 22 points, to which she added three recoveries from possession.

Weak contribution from the bench

The bench did not succeed with Castellón’s team when looking for reaction. Excluding Caceres’ 11 points, the non-rookie’s contribution was a meager six points. The success rates They didn’t help either Less than 50% in the main players Like Joana Ferreira, Artemis Barbosa or Aina Martin.

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Despite Arreón in the third quarter, all the fish were already sold out on Saturday in Grapa, which saw Fustecma Nou Bàsquet Femení’s first home defeat this 2021/2022 season. The Castellón people are still up, in third place with five wins. There was room for error, but Can’t repeat the first quarter of yesterday.

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