Galilea Montejo revealed the reason for his decision to reconcile with Laura Pozzo

Galilea Montejo revealed the reason for his decision to reconcile with Laura Pozzo
Both drivers polished their rough edges. (Photos: galileamontijo/@laurabozzo_of/Instagram)

conductors Galilea Montejo and Laura Pozzo They spoke of their reconciliation over the lawsuit they filed nearly ten years ago.

During the broadcast of the program today Today, to whom the Peruvian came as a guest, both artists announced that problems in the past.

“We had a few touch ups and we’ve already fixed them”Guadalajara, who also participated, reassured that it seemed unnecessary to continue the fight in the midst of the crisis situation facing the country. “There are a lot of ugly things in the world that keep dragging you down,” he said.

For his part, Pozzo admitted his opinion of Montego today. “I also had a completely wrong picture. I don’t need to lick anyone’s feet, I say it because I’m sorry: You are the funniest and truest person with the most beautiful family and the smartest husband“, Driver Laura in America.

The morning host even joked with her: “Well, look, just to bear with me,” she exclaimed, referring to Fernando Reyna, with whom she has been married since 2011 and has a son. “With this, he is a hero!”Laura replied.

Reconciliation attempts began when the Peruvian driver suggested replacing Anel Noreña on the reality show “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy”. Production approved Bozzo’s ability to compete with Carlos Bonavides on the show, which immediately caused Galilea to feel uncomfortable.

However, the actress soon changed her attitude. “Come here, Loretta, don’t be afraid.”He said hugging her. “I loved the idea, I want to welcome you to this house of yours, because I have never had to be with you, Then we fix the differences we had with mezcal, he commented.

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In a later interview, Laura revealed that she actually intended to resolve the differences between them. “I think there was some bullshit that went on, and that I generated, I suppose my fault in all this”confessed for the first time.

Laura Pozzo talks about her conflicts with Galilea Montego

It was finally agreed upon at the opening of the new Galilea Montijo store, which Bozzo attended as a special guest. “I don’t want to be at odds with anyone, not even with Laura Bozzo, imagine what the pandemic has hit me aboutThis was stated by the former host of La hora de la papa.

In front of the host’s new store, the two artists took a “shot” to show their new friendship.

The differences between the drivers date back to 2012, when Montego Pozo charged in the morning Today from After they tried to run from one of the group lanes they shared between forums.

“I was doing an interview and they sent people of their production to run, and actually it’s sad, it’s outrageous because in the 20 years I’ve been in the company, I’ve never heard this before and I didn’t know the lanes had owners too”, Annoying tapiatia declared.

“What bothers me is that after I found out she was in chargeWhen you leave the forum, what you ask is that there is no one around so you can pass the forum”, a sequel to Galilea, who at the time was the host of Little Giants.

For her part, Laura Pozzo used her platform to advertise her position. “Talk about me, attack me directlyPepillo told Origel that if she needed a sister, she could loan one to her, when she had no moral authority to speak for me,” she cried, visibly angry.

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