Generous salaries for diplomats Dr. Karam salaries for diplomats Dr

Generous salaries for diplomats Dr. Karam salaries for diplomats Dr

The fact that the Dominican Republic stands out abroad due to excessive salaries in embassies and consulates is something that is often highlighted without anyone seeming to bother the cat, add what American Creole congressman Adriano Espaillat mentioned, meaning that this Caribbean country, which Trapped in the emergency room collecting more taxes, she overpaid many of her diplomats.

Already in old age, the employees of the Dominican state remain in North America, ahead of the United Nations and the Organization of American States, bypassing those of the world powers. An exaggeration that puts the Treasury into dollar job subsidies that makes strengthening relationships with other governments and multilateral organizations so costly.

Knowing also that the Dominican legations provide services to citizens who frequently complain that they are being subjected to exorbitant fees. No other country in Latin America does this by accusing its immigrants of bureaucratic care. Mexico, which has the largest diaspora, does not tolerate this.

The stipends of ambassadors, consuls, deputy consuls, superintendents, attaches, advisors, and auxiliaries—not always recognized by the states to which they are directed—have expenditures that go beyond the reality of a country dependent on internal and external indebtedness even to pay its old age debts.

Exciting salaries that can be considered rewards

what a coincidence! Pacheco sees his government as nepotism

Others, himself, prefer the whole party to be appropriate for the state

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