GEPU introduced his team to the Federal Basketball League

GEPU introduced his team to the Federal Basketball League

At a press conference, the “wolf” showed his new faces. With ‘Lupto’ Fernandez at the helm, GEPU will debut this Saturday at ‘Emilio Perazzo’. The sports program director, Cynthia Ramirez, accompanied the players and managers during the show.

This Saturday at 10:00 PM, GEPU will make its FBI debut against Revolución de San Juan. With the support of the Saint-Louis government and renewed expectations, “Wolf” of Saint-Louis will confront this new dream with a clear goal: to be the protagonist from the first minute.

This Thursday, at “Emilio Perazzo”, the official campus presentation took place. Head of the Sports Program, Cynthia Ramirez, with Vice President of the Foundation, Rafael Costa; coach Gustavo “Lupeto” Fernandez and his technical assistant Gustavo Morla; Players Gustavo Acosta and Juan Mina answered questions from the press and everyone agreed to describe this project as a “great challenge”.

“We live this with great expectations, as we always did in St. Louis. We are betting on more to achieve all the goals because we are excited to take on this kind of challenge. It is good to work together because to achieve things we need all those who love the sport, the leaders and the fans,” said the Chief of Sports. players and coaches.”

On the other hand, Ramirez confirmed that the team is made up of “70% of the Saint Luis players” and stressed that “from the sport we will accompany the clubs in everything they need to be able to overtake.” With this in mind, he expanded his view and revealed that “we have a plan for every sport” and emphasized that “GEPU is not an isolated case”.

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“Lupto” Fernandez, points guard for the GEPU champion in the 1990s, returned to San Luis to take charge of the team and said, “I live this with a lot of responsibility, but calm down, and enjoy myself because I am very satisfied with the work we do.” “I feel very keen that this reaches what we have in mind and what the club deserves,” he added.

On his return to the club that saw him succeed as a player, the coach now praised “the intention and search for this project”. “There is a lot that needs to be improved and done, and I would like to be a part of all of this. The intent is very clear and noble, accompanied by Cynthia Ramirez and Agustin Alessio on behalf of Alberto Rodriguez Sa. We want San Luis and Gibo back on the basketball radar.”

Regarding the sport and the competitors they will face, Lobito expressed his satisfaction with the start of this process and stressed the importance of “knowing the category and the competitors day by day to improve the proposal that we have”.

Everything is ready for the first time

GEPU will take the square on Saturday, 10:00 PM, to welcome the San Juan Revolution at “Emilio Perazzo”. Popular tickets will cost $100, while the booths will cost $300 and can be purchased at the stadium gate, on Tomás Jofré Street passing through Rivadavia.

Next, the GEPU lineup that will face the 2022 season:

Players: Lionel Sola, Federico Alanez, Juan Mina, Lisandro Gomez Quintero, Bruno Perez, Santiago Costa, Joaquin Costa, Alejo Romero, Facundo Ferrer, Santiago Ferrer, Valentino Olivella, Benjamin Hidalgo, Maximo Gonzalez, Gustavosto Gaston. .

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The coaching staff: Gustavo “Lubeto” Fernandez (coach), Gustavo Morla (technical assistant) and Franco Machado (physical coach).

Team Captain: Jose “Pepe” Franzi.

Stadium Director: Sergio Dominguez.

Note: Click on the sports program.

Pictures and video: ANSL.

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