Geraldine Bazan and Luis Rodrigo Murillo, their new love

Geraldine Bazan and Luis Rodrigo Murillo, their new love

Geraldine Bazan and Luis Rodrigo Murillo They fly off to be one of the most admired couples in the middle of the show, because even though the actress had a very complicated experience when she broke up with Gabriel Soto, her ex-husband and father of her daughters, life today rewards her. We tell you Who is his new love.

For many, Geraldine Bazan She clung to her ex-lover, but the actress gave a lecture on maturity and intelligence, leaving the scandal of peace and avoiding talking more about Gabriel Soto H Irina Paiva-Just focus on his daughters and his commitments at work.

Thus, Geraldine Bazin has become an example for thousands of women about the way life continues after a break-up and how time puts everything in its place, because today she is a recognized international actress, fashion and style icon, a dedicated actress and an attentive mom. His daughters, Elisa Marie and Miranda.

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For those who follow Geraldine Bazán on social networks, her love for travel is well known, we have seen her in various destinations and now, little by little, someone next to her daughters is becoming her loyal companion, talking about Luis Rodrigo MurilloAnd the The Mexican businessman who seems to have stolen his heart.

Who is Geraldine Bazan’s New Boyfriend

According to different media, Flirting with Geraldine Bazan and Luis Rodrigo Murillo He’s been around for about nine months, and around this time, the businessman hasn’t skimp on the details of the actress and her daughters, because they recently went on vacation together to celebrate Geraldine’s birthday.

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It was said at one point that Gabriel Soto did not like the love affair between Geraldine Bazan and Luis Rodrigo Morello, but whether or not that is true is not important, then the love He is still going strong and the businessman actually lives with the daughters of the famous ex-partner.

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Some time ago, Geraldine Bazan revealed herself that her daughters were undergoing therapy to adapt to new family dynamics and that, in her case, she chose not to have a partner until the girls’ psychiatrist assured her that they could process the news. At the same time, Irina Paiva, Gabriel Soto’s fiancée, has repeated that she is gradually becoming fond of girls, something that Luis Rodrigo Morello could repeat.

Luis Rodrigo Murillo, Geraldine Bazan’s boyfriend, is involved in many businesses such as selling luxury cars and residential properties in Mexico and the United States. Although at first the flirtation was low, the businessman is increasingly appearing on Geraldine’s social networks.

Another specimen of his love was the fact that Luis Rodrigo Murillo was looking for her Geraldine Bazan After undergoing knee surgery an actress He thanked him on social media for all his interest, affection and support.

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