Gerard Pique demanded that Shakira during their separation something the singer forgot at home

Gerard Pique demanded that Shakira during their separation something the singer forgot at home

Shakira and Gerard Pique They face divorce more than the media. The world echoes every news that comes from them. The alleged infidelity with the propaganda of a 23-year-old young man occupies the pages of many digital newspapers daily. However, there is something to be resolved behind closed doors.

The division of assets will be one of the discussions that the Colombian and Gerard Pique will have to agree on in privacy. Celebrities usually generate a lot of income and their cause is no exception. Without going any further, the Colombian until recently had to face one of these problems with Antonio de la Rua, a couple with whom she lived before her relationship with the Barcelona player began.

And although this time Shakira was more prepared for these troubles, the truth is that she has become a turmoil. In the last hours, it was known that Gerard Pique blackmailed her with something she had forgotten in the dwelling they shared until recently in Spain. Barranquellera seems to have left an element of great sentimental value forgotten.

Don’t forget Shakira at Gerard Pique’s house

As revealed by journalist Jordi Martin, Shakira keeps all the Grammys she won throughout her career at the company of her children’s father Cosmos. It seems that for some unknown reason the footballer would not have brought them back yet. Even the caller explained that it is expected that in the next few days they will start negotiating the delivery of the figurines.

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Let’s remember that Cosmos is the company where Gerard Pique met his current partner Clara Shea Martin. The company is owned by the footballer and among the many comings and goings, after workouts, they ended up falling in love with the young lady. For this reason, they do not rule out that it is the same that facilitates the return. After all, it shouldn’t be fun at all to see your ex-partner’s awards every day at work.

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