Gervonda Davis and Azteca Barrios fight for KO’s promise

Gervonda Davis and Azteca Barrios fight for KO’s promise

Davis starts the fight as a favorite this Saturday, promising it will end in a knockout.

Kervonda ‘Tank’ Davis Y Mario ‘Azteca’ Barrios They will meet in Atlanta this Saturday for the regular championship World Boxing Association Between the two they amassed 50 wins, losses, and 40KOs, with a large amount of guns on the knuckles and multiple knockout possibilities.

In the evening, it will be broadcast on Showtime BPV and on American soil ESPN KNOCKOUT Across Latin America, this includes Dominican Jason Rosario and Carlos Adams, who will face Eriksen Lupine and Alexis Salazar, respectively, as well as the rivalry between Organis Montes and Badir Akhmetov in the preliminary rounds.

At last Thursday’s press conference, a 12-centimeter height in favor of champion Barrios was noticed, but it didn’t seem to be an end in itself to the challenge. “You’ll be amazed when you connect to it,” he said. Kervonda In appointment before the media. “It’s not just about hitting hard, it’s about keeping your punches, he’s going to see it on Saturday,” Davis said, adding that he will come away with a 24-0 record and 23 knockouts.

“I think (Barrios) is wrong. It’s not just about height, he thinks he’s stronger than me, but wait and see what happens. He believes I have never encountered someone like him, but you will see what happens when they face reality, they always come to learn, ”Davis said.

Beyond being more or less intimidating, Mario Perios (26-0, 17 Goes) predicts crackers as well. “We both shot with bad intentions. We were both going to try to hurt our opponent, whether it was a round or 12 rounds,” the reigning champion said. “We are going to see the best of both on Saturday. I hope he does his best because he doesn’t come up with anything else. They will be bombs, ”he promised.

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In fact, he predicted that there would be bigger plans Kervonda It’s going to be in vain. “As Leonard Ellerbe (the advertiser) said, he (Kervonda) has big plans, but those plans are going to hell … this Saturday,” Barrios ended the controversy and was fined உறுதி 140 for reaffirming his legacy as champion.

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