Giamatti and Bukele met with Israeli Russians, according to Guatemalan media

Giamatti and Bukele met with Israeli Russians, according to Guatemalan media

Guatemalan media confirm that the presidents met foreigners on a yacht

A Guatemalan media post “Soy502”, taken up by El Periódico from the same country, talks about a meeting on a yacht, which was to be held in Guatemala in 2020, where the President of that country, Alejandro Giamatti, and Salvadoran President Nepe Bukele.

According to the publication, a total of ten investors with Russian-Israeli citizenship arrived in Guatemala at that time and visited a mountainous area in Alta Verapaz and then moved to Puerto Castilla in the Atlantic Ocean where they were going to take a boat in the Navy. Base up your yacht.

“On the boat, the Russian Israelis held a private meeting with senior officials from Guatemala and El Salvador, which may have been reached by Giamatti and Nayib Bukele,” according to El Periódico newspaper.

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The case has become relevant in Guatemala, since the media Soy502 referred to Giammattei for receiving money from Russian investors for a project specifically in the port of Castilla, where all container traffic arrives in that country.

This gift was allegedly given to the president at his home in District 15 of the capital, in order to obtain a land concession in the port of Santo Tomas de Castilla. “The presidency denied the facts,” El Periodico said.

President Bukele responded via his Twitter account to El Periódico’s post and dismissed the information.

“The last time I saw the president of Guatemala was at a public event in El Salvador, before the pandemic started,” Bukele wrote.

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President Giamatti also responded to the posts on Twitter citing Bukele’s tweet to which he commented, “They say you and I were on a yacht with some Israeli Russians. I invite you to wear shorts and some good pupusas next time hahaha. The lie shines and the truth prevails. Greetings President Bukele.” .

Soy502 asserts that Russian citizen Alexander Vasyaev was responsible for handing the “financial carpet” to President Giamatti, but that the Guatemalan could have been the link.

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