Giants fight in New York: Macy’s called to stop Amazon from dumping exclusive ads on popular Broadway

Giants fight in New York: Macy’s called to stop Amazon from dumping exclusive ads on popular Broadway

Macy’s has sued its owner to prevent rival Amazon from being on a billboard located above its headquarters in Herald Square, The largest store in the world.

The department store chain was advertising its business on the billboard above Herald Square For nearly 60 years.

“Since the early 1960s, Macy’s has put up a sign in the building next to our flagship store at the corner of Broadway and 34th Street. Macy’s still owns the rights to the advertisements on that site. We hope that the benefits of these rights will be recognized and we have asked the court to protect them. “Since the matter is in dispute, the company will have no further comment,” said a statement issued yesterday.

“The Damage to Macy’s customers’ good faith, image, reputation, and brand If a prominent online retailer (especially Amazon) is advertised on a billboard, it is impossible to count it,” Macy said in court documents.

The famous warehouse has been advertising its business there for more than half a century. but The ad space lease expired in August. Macy said the tenant (Kauffman Organization) was already in talks with Amazon at the time NBC News.

Mark Gross, a business attorney not involved in the lawsuit, said Fox News That: “Macy’s claims that there was a contract with Defendant going back to 1963 in which the parties reached an agreement that Macy’s would be the only retailer or seller allowed to advertise on the bulletin board.”

Macy’s is not looking for money in the lawsuit, but says that any advertisement from its online competitor could cause “immeasurable” harm to its business. Usually when one of the parties files a lawsuit, it is to get money from someone. That’s not what Messi is doing here. He is I’m looking for a court order and prohibiting the defendant from advertising or renting that mark to someone who might affect Macy’s feeling that it is his right,” Gross continued.

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The Kauffman Organization, which owns the billboard, did not respond to requests for comment. An Amazon representative said the company does not comment on ongoing lawsuits.

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