Gigantes del Chibao final, Kelvin Guttierez home run and hit and 4 drives

Gigantes del Chibao final, Kelvin Guttierez home run and hit and 4 drives

Don Jose Manuel Fernandez’s Memorial Copa PhD Lyon advanced to the final of the Fall-Winter Baseball Tournament, beating Los Gigantes del Chibao Estrelos Oriental 5-3.

In a match at the Estadio Tedello Vargas this Friday night, the Giants’ opening pitcher, right-hander Chris Ellis had a good performance on the mount, while third paceman Kelvin Guttierez produced a home run and a single 4 touchdowns that led to San Francisco’s victory.

With the win, the Giants advanced to the final by winning the series 4-2.

Right-hander Chris Ellis controlled the offense, while third paceman Kelvin Guterres led the Giants home run in the first two laps and an RBI single for two runs in the fifth.

Ellis (1-0) won the game by allowing four wins and a run in six innings with a pair of walks and seven strikeouts. Left-hander Annie Romero (0-1) was charged in the backhand after a third in a three-round, four-foot innings.

Senior Jose Rafael Thias saved the ninth place by retiring with a strikeout of all three batters he faced.

The Franco-Corisanos won the first three games 1-0, 4-3 and 3-2, and the sixth 5-3, while the Pachyderms won four games 6-5 on Wednesday, and the fifth game Thursday 5-3 .

The Giants will face the winner of the B Series in the final, which will be defined in Sibao State this Saturday after the Torres 3-1 win over Iraq.

For the Giants with nine wins, Kelvin Guttierez scored a single and a goal in four ad-pads with a home run and four Reserve Banks; Abiatal Avelino, double and single one ticket and one score in three shifts; O’Neill Cruise, 4-1; Ronald Guzman, 4-1 transfer and one goal, and Alfredo Marte, 4-1.

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For the seven-time winning star, Fernando Toddis Jr., two doubles in three ad-pads with a walk and three Reserve Banks; Jeremy Pena, 5-1 with two runs; Socrates Brito, with 3-1 transfer; Junior Lake, 4-1; Gustavo Nice, 3-1, and Christian Bethancourt, 3-1.


The Giants hit two laps in Romero’s first inning. After an out, Ronald Guzman left alone on the left and came home through the center of Kelvin Guterres.

The stars were dismissed in the first end against Ellis. Jeremy Penn is lone on the left field, doubling center Fernando Toddis Jr.

Second, the Franco-Corissons extended their lead to 3-1. Alfredo Martே gave a solo, as well as Carlos Paulino and Abiadel Avelino negotiating a ticket. As soon as the bases were loaded, Martே entered the race on a field, and Jose Chire came out on a ground roll from the shorestop to second place.

In fifth place, the Giants scored two more runs against Rodamas Liz, who allowed a double by Abiatil Avelino, while offfielder Jose Cire singles and Ronald Guzman negotiated a transfer. Liz is replaced by Forrest Snow, who is allowed to sing solo by two runner Kelvin Guterres.

In seventh place, the stars attacked the reliever Edgar Santana. Christian Bethancourt advanced from a single to the left, followed by Gustavo Nunes, who was knocked out by Jeremy Penn from shortstop to second. Fernando Toddys Jr. doubled up, beating Bethancourt and Penn.

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