Giovanni dos Santos trained at Inter Miami

Giovanni dos Santos trained at Inter Miami


Keep training! According to local media in the city MiamiAnd Giovanni dos Santosformer player in American Eagles, was seen. seen exercise inside facilities Inter Miami I am looking for your next professional opportunity.

Will Jiu play with Inter Miami?

After nearly a year without a team, Giovanni dos Santosis still steadfast in his search for Find your next team. Before joining the winning team of Mexican football, the former Mexican national team wore the number “10” jersey. Los Angeles Galaxy.

According to journalist Franco Panizzo, older than saints keep fit Inside Inter Miami facilities. Jiu did not stop with works physical conditions To avoid losing rhythm after nine months of not seeing any work in professional competition.

newspaper journalist sun guardin detail that saints Recently Leave MiamiAfter completing his training courses with the local franchise. However, noOr there were official reports to which the franchise belongs David Beckham or some other equipment belonging to Ml east Interested in Mexican?

Giovanni dos Santos Failed to find a team who is being incorporated as a team character since he left Team Coapa. But, American Eagles they allowed geo Utilization Services for sessions exercise for your future career.

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