Gordon Hayward blames ego for Celtics failure

Gordon Hayward blames ego for Celtics failure

Current Charlotte Hornets player Gordon Hayward has been candid about why things didn't work out during his time with the Boston Celtics, specifically focusing on the 2018-19 season. The striker cited lack of harmony and loneliness as the main reason.

“In my opinion, it was because each of us had our own agenda, many agendas, and the agenda to win it all was not the main agenda.” Hayward said on Paul George's podcast. “I also don't think anyone should be blamed, because I think it's all part of human nature.”

Hayward went on to explain that, from players coming back from injury to those guys who had stepped up the year before, the locker room was heading in completely different directions.

“I came back from injury after being an All-Star and I was trying to prove that I was still an All-Star,” the veteran striker continued. “Kerry [Irving] He had been injured the year before and wanted to show it was still his team. Then you had Jason [Tatum]Jaylene [Brown] And Terry [Rozier] as freshmen after leading the team to the conference finals the previous year. “We were all trying to show that we had arrived.”

Ultimately, Irving would leave Boston after that season, while Hayward would be traded to the Hornets in a deal. “Sign and trade” Another year later. The player from Indianapolis added that despite the great talent that this team has, many of its components overlap in terms of positions and skills.

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“We probably had eight players that had career highs of 40-plus points, and they were probably at their best,” Hayward said. “The other problem is that many of us are in the same position. “We all needed the ball, we all excelled with the ball, we all needed the ball.”

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