Grandmother Navidat was admitted to the hospital for complications of COVID-19

Grandmother Navidat was admitted to the hospital for complications of COVID-19

After the scandals Grandma Naveedath acted by openly declaring herself Who does not believe in the COVID-19 virusRecently, while participating in the new season of the cooking competition called Master Chef, the actress became famous and was admitted to the hospital because she was stuck in the hospital. TV Azteca.

According to various national media outlets that reflected the news, Grandma Navidat She was admitted to the hospital early this Tuesday morning. According to information shared by Press TV notes, the actress was transferred from her home by an ERUM unit due to the mild health condition provided by the actress.

The name of the actress quickly established itself in the main trends and search of social networks, and while many users share that Grandma Navidat wants to improve, other users, through their official accounts, recalled the status of the actress who emphasized the epidemic. False, the virus has led to international conspiracies to make people sick because of the political strategy of mass control and the political interests of the vaccine to prevent infection.

TWITTER / aLaComadree

Although there is no official statement from the actress, sources close to the interview navigator suggest that the translator’s seriousness is so. Are at risk of intrusionAlso, keep in mind that actor and presenter Sami Perez, one of the show’s personalities in recent days, died after being admitted to the hospital by Govt-19 and with other infections caused by the virus that Christmas has largely refused.

Although the news of Patricia Navitad’s hospitalization spread across all networks, the official account of Master Chef Mexico, which reached out to public television this August 20, did not release anything about the actress ‘medical condition, but she did share a tweet in the afternoon in which she recalled the actress’ participation with her best taste. . “

Official social networks like Instagram Interview Navidat has been suspended and reported for misinformation related to Govt-19 And its implications, and currently the account @ ANPNL05, the actress was told, has been suspended for violating Twitter’s rules; A few days ago, he confirmed that Christmas had tested positive in favor of the PCR test, however, he reiterated his position that the scope was for global and political control.

So far Interview Navidat has been asymptomatic before the infection and although he reiterates that he is healthy, his condition has been complicated by the need for emergency medical care and Govt-19 care with transfer protocols.

Patricia Navidat is not the only member of Master Chef affected by Govt-19 Driver Rebecca de Alba also reported that she had an infectionShe was hospitalized because of the complications she presented, and she stopped project records to focus on recovery, thus restarting the program from danger.

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