Guillermo Almada “explodes” against TUDN reporter

Guillermo Almada “explodes” against TUDN reporter

After falling in with a plan 3-2 and loses a summit Closing 2024Technical Pachuca, Guillermo AlmadaShe “exploded” at a reporter You would like to In the press conference after the match.

The helmsman looked annoyed, even pointed “Give the cup to Rayados,” Because he considered that the reporter was for the gang.

What did you ask Almada?

Because of rights issues a plan He waives the first question in the press conference to You would like toIt was like this that the reporter Vladimir Garcia It was opened in the presence of Almada.

Questioning Garcia We've had this encounter before a plan It was Almada's toughest directing so far this year. Closing 2024in which Tuzos He arrived as a super-commander at BBVA, and the helmsman took the question poorly; The reporter even pointed out that he had misunderstood him.

“Okay, I'll give it to you, let's see if you have easy opponents in this league. It's obviously not too steeped in the reality of Mexican football, because none of them are easy. And no one has offered us anything to be in first place, no There is any questionable play in any match, I completely disagree with you.

“You said it was easy, if the trophy wasn't given to him a planIn your opinion, give them… Yes, I misunderstood because you said that the previous four matches were easy. It wasn't easy. Does it seem to you that Blue Coors Was it easy? Zulus It was easy, Lion It's easy, one of the most expensive insoles, Pumas. If this sounds easy to you, that's okay. Give him all the credit you want to give him and take it from others. It's easy that way, but those of us who come here to play here earn ourselves on the field. “No one gave us anything.”

Almada After that, he handled the press conference more calmly, admitting that his team performed poorly in the first half, although he stressed that they fought for a draw, but that did not happen.

“We did a terrible job in the first half and that's the truth. In the second half, we know the quality he has a plan There is no doubt that the youth sometimes betrayed us in managing the timing of the match a little… The truth is that in the first half we did not possess the ball, we did not play, we did not defend ourselves, we gave the ball to the team players. Monterey And that is very dangerous… “I save the courage, the ego and the desire to get closer to the scoreboard.”

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