Gustavo Ayón criticizes Ana Guevara for her management in Konade: “We cannot say that it is the worst.”

Gustavo Ayón criticizes Ana Guevara for her management in Konade: “We cannot say that it is the worst.”
The basketball player seeks to obtain Guevara's position no matter what.

After controversy with Mexican aquatic teams for withdrawing their scholarships, Ana Guevara was once again mentioned by another high-performance and prominent athlete in Gustavo Ayón.

During his third festival bearing his name, which was held in the city of Aguascalientes, he attacked the basketball player Venados de Mazatlán. Konade's manager of her management, which was a “failure”.

He added: “To say it is worse (the administration), we may be remiss. I think it is not an administration that left much to the athletes and I call on those after them to leave.How will we see it? He added: “We will see in four or five years whether the management is really good.” Comment.

“Ultimately, I think the approach with the athlete, and more than that, comes from someone who has been an athlete and has no empathy for what you're going through, with what you're fighting, with everything you have to go through day in and day out, with your focus, with your training, with Your diet. And yet, worrying about the uniform, about your flight, that everything is fine, that you can attend your competitions, because you don't really want to do things, because if you know it, you know it,” he added.

One of Mexico's top basketball players has taken over in recent times.

On the other hand, the The former Real Madrid basketball player confirmed his great ability to manage the National Committee for Physical Culture and Sports (CONAD). and promoting Mexican sports, assisting high-performance athletes through sports scholarships so that future promises can realize their dream in various Olympic disciplines.

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“The topic of Konade is a personal goal for many years, and I believe that being at this level, “Well, you're not just developing basketball, you're developing all sports, practically nothing I haven't tried, making kids live it, so they have opportunities.”

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