Gustavo Pedro will sue the Colombian artist due to disagreements with his daughter on social networks

Gustavo Pedro will sue the Colombian artist due to disagreements with his daughter on social networks


Colombian President Gustavo Pedro has vowed to prosecute singer Marbel for harassing his youngest daughter Antonella on social networks, where he suggested she was a street dweller.

“Being a street dweller is not stigmatizing, but harassing and harassing a boy is a very ignorant mischief,” the president said on social network X.

Pedro and his family invited a group of homeless people to lunch at the administration's headquarters, Casa de Narino, on December 24.


According to Pedro, this is not the first time his daughter has been attacked, and since November 16, civilians attending the 2026 World Cup qualifier between Colombia and Colombia staged an extraordinary protest against the president at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla. Brazil asked the president, who was not in that situation, to leave.

Before the start of Colombia's match against Brazil, thousands of people in the stadium chanted “Out with Pedro, Out with Pedro”, prompting Antonella to leave the Metropolitano.

“Some spectators at a soccer match in Barranquilla may not know they are harassing a minor, but here it is premeditated,” the president said this Tuesday, referring to Marbell's message.

In that vein, Pedro added: “My daughter has asked me to take legal action, and I must do so in the name of the children of Colombia.”

The director of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF), Astrid Liliana Cáceres, made the organization's legal office available to the president “for any occasion.”

Known for songs like 'Caller de Perlas' or 'Amor Sincere (Endalsam Que Soy Cafe)', Marbel is a staunch opponent of the president and has even threatened to leave Colombia if Pedro wins the 2022 elections.

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