Haaland explains the clash with Guardiola: “He got mad at me”

Haaland explains the clash with Guardiola: “He got mad at me”

ESPNAugust 12, 2023, 11:02 a.m. ETReading: 3 minutes.

Haaland’s double and her anger at the start of the English Premier League

Guardiola scolded the Norwegian striker in the first half, but he has already scored 100 goals in the major European leagues.

The striker, who scored twice in the first half, was scolded by Pep on his way to the dressing room.

Erling Halland The big name was in the debut of the Manchester city In the Premier LeagueNot only for two goals in the 3-0 win over burnleybut also because of the situation that occurred shortly after the first half.

The Norwegian striker argued with Pep Guardiola On the way to the locker room to get a complaint from Bernardo Silvawho did not pass the ball to No. 9, in a situation that was reprimanded by the coach, who was annoyed by the camera that was trying to capture the moment.

Guardiola and Haaland arguing in the first half between Burnley-CityGetty Images

In an interview with sky sport after the match, Halland He explained what happened in the dialogue with the coach and made sure that any issues between them were settled.

“I try to focus every day and say all the time what a pleasure it is to work with Pep. I have to keep developing because I’m still young and I don’t think there is anyone better to teach him,” said the striker.

This happened in the last shot [del primer tiempo]Because I got mad at Bernardo for not passing me the ball, so he is [Guardiola] He got mad at me. but not [no hay problema]It’s a good start to the tournament.”

The discussion was also the topic of the press conference Guardiola in Turf Moor.

The coach summed up “He wants the ball all the time for himself, one on one, cross the ball from behind and I’ll score.” But Bernardo was right not to give the pass.”

he Manchester city Returns to the field next Wednesday (16) to face Seville by European Super Cup, a nickname that the English team does not have. In the Premier LeagueNext challenge is on Saturday (19th) at the same time against Newcastle.

Manchester City next matches:

Sevilla (midfield) – 8/16 – European Super Cup

Newcastle (medium) – 19/08 – English Premier League

Sheffield United (national team) – 8/27 – English Premier League

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