Hader failed and the Brewers said goodbye

Hader failed and the Brewers said goodbye

Atlanta – Milwaukee bats arose. But Christian Yelich hit him without throwing in the end.

After a 20-0 run with runners-up during the NL Division Series, the Brewers took a 2-0 lead over Atlanta, with Omar Norway and Lorenzo Caine leading the RBI.

But after a 22-inning drought, Milwaukee wasted a couple of two-touch down leads on Tuesday and was sent off when star close Josh Hayder allowed Freddie Freeman home to make a decision.

The Braves won 5-4 and the Brewers were eliminated.

There weren’t many fights in October, and the Brewers still landed the season with the notoriety of being one of the teams not to win the World Series. Although they have advanced to the playoffs in each of the last four seasons, they have not played it since 1982.

“There are so many things we can be proud of this year, we can create next year,” said pitcher Brandon Woodruff. But do you know anything? The goal never changes. We still hope to win the World Series and get there. You have to keep trying. “

Hader, who converted 34 of 35 in the regular season, was tasked with maintaining a 4-4 draw in the eighth inning. Before facing Freeman, he knocked out his first two rivals.

In 2020 the National League MVP put the scoreboard at 5-4.

With that the series was resolved in practice.

Yelich got the third strike in the ninth inning with a close third run to Will Smith.

For Milwaukee, who easily won the NL Central title by winning 95 games in the regular season, winter will be doubtful.

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