He doesn't want to go out! Salvador Reyes is blocking his move to Lyon

He doesn't want to go out!  Salvador Reyes is blocking his move to Lyon

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he Club of America He continues to work on assembling his team for the next tournament, for which they have already announced the inclusion of goalkeeper Rodolfo Cota, who will be a key piece after allowing Oscar Jimenez to go to FC Lyon, although the strange thing is that according to reports, the key piece in this process was the departure Salvador ReyesWho will leave for Esmeralda's painting.

However, according to information from ESPN's Cesar Caballero, Reyes is not happy with the idea of ​​leaving for Baggio and intends to stay at Barcelona. AmericaWhich actually happened with the possibility of going to Necaxa. This way, your ad is with Lion It has been postponed, but that does not mean that the goalkeeping swap has been hampered, as it has already been announced.

Now the real question is whether Savior Will he go to Lyon or will he be able to stay as an option there? America For next season. It is worth noting that Andre Jardine has given him confidence and it seems that he will stay in another tournament to be used as a replacement for Christian Calderon, although the reality is that he did not get a place at all despite the different managers who employed him. .

Is Salvador Reyes necessary at Club America?

Chava Reyes He's not a regular in the team, but it would definitely be good to have him in the team as a substitute just in case Luis Fuentes He leaves the organization, although the veteran has achieved better results and for this reason it would be better to keep him in the team instead of Salvador who could revive his career in a better way in another organization.

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We must take into account that Federico Viñas also gave up America To join Club León and rediscover the best version of himself, which is what could happen to him with luck Salvador ReyesBut first you need to take your transfer seriously. Otherwise, even the Azulcrema board would be noticeably upset at not making it easier to manage the team.

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