He then summons the defender to inform Digesett of the penalty

He then summons the defender to inform Digesett of the penalty

The Ombudsman, Pablo Ulloa, granted a period of five days to the Director of the National Police, Major General Eduardo Alberto, to respond to investigations against agents of that institution assigned to the Directorate General of Traffic Safety and Road Transport (Digesett) who – which Attack the members of that institution and media representatives.

In a letter, Ulloa confirms that he is interested in knowing the progress of disciplinary action against members of Digesett who assaulted him, members of that body and the media who accompanied him to a search of the Vehicle Detention Center (Gray Track), after reports of irregularities there.

“The National Police has a term Five business days to respond to the order. Failure to comply with this condition shall have the consequences provided for in Article 27 of Law No. 19-01, which established an ombudsman which allows monitoring and supervision of the activity of the public administration,” said Ulloa.

He expressed his concern that, after 30 days of this shameful and embarrassing aggression against the rule of law and institutions, Dominican society is no longer aware of the measures taken by the Supreme Police Council to impose legal sanctions and in accordance with due process of law, members of the police.

Ulloa said he is urgently requesting the director of the national police Report showing corrective actions And the precautions taken by the police in this case.

The ombudsman said: “This report should contain all documents in which sanctions actions and decisions taken to this effect are recorded.”

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He argued that the frustrated search by members of Digesett at the dog track, on April 11, was an investigation in the wake of citizen Damián Javier Heredia Moreno’s complaint and anomalies reported by the National Federation of Motconchistas (Fenamotor), on March 17. In the Difficulties in handing over impounded vehicles

Digesett obstructed the defender’s work

He stressed that we cannot forget that the actions of the National Police personnel, who are in charge of the Digest, also representTo obstruct the inspection force It is owned by this body in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic and Law No. 19-01.

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