Hector Vargas thinks it is possible to eliminate Portland: ‘When you play for MLS, there is a chance to advance’ – ten

Hector Vargas thinks it is possible to eliminate Portland: ‘When you play for MLS, there is a chance to advance’ – ten

Hector Vargas, the Argentine marathon coach, is used to taking on challenges, he loves it, and now that he’s up against Portland Timbers From MLS in crossing the eighth champions CONCACAF, She feels she can surprise the competition.

The Argentine already faced the Oregon team when I knocked out Olympiad In 2015 push the bell and eliminate it. Bear in mind now that duels will be back and forth, the odds multiply and they will seek to capitalize on it by taking advantage of a good advantage in San Pedro Sula.

Watch. This was the crossing of the CONCACAF champions

What you know about Portland: “Someone knows what CONCACAF is and these kinds of tournaments. When playing with MLS there are possibilities to progress. I actually faced them with Olympia five years ago and we eliminated them from CONCACAF with high-level players like Diego Valerie, Gata Fernández who came from Estudiantes, Sebastián Urruti. It is different to face them in competition (Major League Soccer starts on April 17th), but there is always a little doubt about her work, it always happens between teams seeking to go to the next round. “

Marathon coach Hector Vargas at the press conference where he addressed the press after the draw.

Close visit key: “The advantage that can be availed is that they are still in the mitigation stage because they are inactive, and you have to take advantage of them. Always in those tournament starts when it is your MLS club’s turn there is more potential to advance. They have a good budget and in the middle of the tournament they are hard to beat.” I really had to play against Vancouver, Seattle and Portland with Olympia and I won the three first-leg matches at home, and against Portland we went to the next round. “

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Key to progress: “The advantage of playing at home. We play on our home turf in April, there is a difference with the change of weather, it is still cold there, and here we are at Easter and very hot. In short, when we play back and forth, there is always a slight chance.”

Emilio and Crisanto Conversions: “They will give me experience, they are champions, and I have had to play a local final recently with seven players who have never played in a final before, they are youngsters, and I have an 18-year-old left back. Emilio and Wilmer will both bring me the experience to the team. A young team and this is why I am looking for experienced players to have a small team. Now Banegas and Johnson have left with their experience, the competition will have other possibilities. “

Signatures to compete in CONCACAF: “He wasn’t thinking about this tournament, but because of the fact that the team that includes them didn’t need them. I had Wilmer Cresanto in Victoria, and Emilio we had Luis Vega who was definitely going to be in the pre-Olympics stage with the U-23 team and it was really Monday. Because they were excluded from their team and they came to a rival club. They chose a marathon because they want to compete and represent the country. They wanted to come and they will bring us the experience. “

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