Herving Lozano and the cruel betrayal of Naples

Herving Lozano and the cruel betrayal of Naples

Hirving Lozano would be willing to turn his back on Napoli and that was not good at the club.

Hirving Lozano is on everyone’s lips, whether it’s because of his performances on or off the field of play. Apparently, everything to do with playing football is a reason to give something to talk about, and to tell the truth, this time was not the exception at all. Many believed that he would be able to betray Naples in order to preserve the happiness of his greater fortune.

Chucky Lozano formed his family with Anna Obregón, and as a result of this love, two children were born and they entered their lives sealing all the good feelings they had for each other.

Through her Instagram account, Ana Obregón bragged about the countless fortunes she made with Chucky Lozano, which, if necessary, would change course without a second thought.

Nothing material, much less money. The fortune of the football player and his wife are their two sons who fill their lives with pure happiness and joy. It’s a couple’s most precious gift, and without a doubt, the only thing that really matters to them.

It’s enough to see a cute family postcard to understand that Chucky Lozano has more reasons to celebrate off the field of play than on it. The joy of his children is undoubtedly his best goal.

They were undoubtedly the mainstay on which Hirving Lozano was able to overcome his sudden exit from the Gold Cup, after suffering an eye injury that forced him out of the competition.

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