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Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is about to break it Social media influence and celebrities Following the Competition and Markets Commission’s investigation, they will post without telling followers that they have been paid.

The CMA said it was investigating the “hidden advertising” issue Instagram Not enough to deal with the problem.

Social media influencers can earn substantial sums by charging companies to promote products with posts that can be viewed by their thousands of followers.

Facebook Ireland, which operates Instagram in the UK, has pledged to set a range of actions, including prompting users to disclose whether a post has been paid for, and using technology and methods to detect posts that have not been posted. Clear labeling of inappropriate posts is required under the UK Consumer Protection Act so that people are not misled.

“For a very long time, major sites have shied away from accepting responsibility for hidden ads on their site,” said CMA CEO Andrea Gocelli. “Therefore, this commitment to dealing with hidden ads and changing the way people post on Instagram – making it harder for users to ignore the law – is a welcome step. These changes will make it harder for businesses to notice how their brands are being promoted and make life more difficult for those who are dishonest and dishonest with followers. ”

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Instagram will now release regular reports on its progress in dealing with the issue for CMA, which is said to apply to all Instagram users in the UK and anyone directing their posts towards UK users worldwide. The CMA said it did not find out if Instagram’s practices violated consumer protection laws.

“We are delighted to be working with CMA on our ongoing efforts to help people be transparent when it comes to posting content on Instagram,” a Facebook spokesman said. “We are proud to launch a project with MediaSmart to help educate young people about branded content and how to identify it.”

Last year CMA received formal obligations from 16 celebrities, Including Alexa Chung and Ellie GoldingWhen posting on Instagram, state clearly whether they have received any gifts or loans.

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