Hires RD Ifema to build a conference center

Hires RD Ifema to build a conference center

President Abenader announced that the government will build a Convention Center and exhibitions In Santo Domingo with the support of reserve bank.

For this, he reported that he hired Madrid Trade Fair Foundation Consortium (Ifema)The organizer of the international tourism fair (Feature)as well as other fairs and conferences in Madrid

who – which Ifema group He was hired by the group the banwith technical advice from the Ministry of Tourism (Underage)The President, specified for the work of the architectural design and the feasibility study for the implementation of the project being implemented.

He said that for more than two months, the Banereservas group, in coordination with the technical department of Mitur, and with the support of a very sound financial structure, was preparing to start work.

The President stressed that the absence of this space in the country was One of the weaknesses mentioned by hoteliers through which more hotel room functionality will be created.

Role the ban In the growth and development of the country

During a cocktail party hosted by the ban In a hotel in Madrid, President Abenader highlighted the importance of the State Bank in implementing the government’s social policies and the growth of the country’s economy, which – he said – could be manifested in its resolute support for tourism, small and medium-sized businesses and companies. Other productive sectors that generate employment opportunities.

“The Reserve Bank is the main implementing arm of the government policies we have put in place to support the neediest people in the Dominican Republic; as adults, mothers and heads of household with very limited resources”handle.

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Presiding over the ceremony, President Luis Abenader said that the Dominican economy remains stable thanks to the growth of various sectors. He said the economic growth rate is expected to be above 12%. This is “resulted, among other things, by the resolute support of the Dominican banking system and the ban to the productive sectors that generate employment opportunities.

the ban will finance 250 million US dollars

Meanwhile, the general manager of the banSamuel Pereira, explained that during this year the banking entity will have expected financing of more than 250 million USD, for projects that will identify investments in excess of 500 million USD, in Puerto Plata, Cabarete, Santiago, Jarabacoa, Montecristi, Nagua, Samana, Michis and Punta Cana and Santo Domingo.

“In Vitor last year, which is a great incentive for the current event, we took an investment of 1,148 million to develop and renovate hotels. As of today, everything seems to indicate that the results this time will be better,” Pereira said during the event, which attracted the attention of dozens From hotel owners.

Pereira used the occasion to announce his support for the ban For the development of the Pedernales tourist pole, it will contribute to the entire southern region, because it will create more than 60,000 jobs in that region, due to the construction of an airport and more than 10,000 rooms in various hotel complexes.

He also revealed another important project the ban It will support, given its importance in the northern region of the country, it is located in the province of Puerto Plata, specifically in the department of Montellano.

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For Pereira, these Banco de Reservas initiatives, together with the Ministry of Tourism, promote the development of an area that is one of the Dominican government’s priorities, as it is the main source of income for the nation.

He argued that the presence of the State Bank in Vitor constitutes support for the Ministry of Tourism, to attract foreign investment for projects in this sector in the Dominican Republic.

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