Honduran Brian Flores fired as head coach of Miami Dolphins

Honduran Brian Flores fired as head coach of Miami Dolphins


Famous NFL Black Monday 2022 Started with an unexpected layoff: Honduran Brian Flores ‘S head coach resigns Miami Dolphins After three seasons without progressing to the NFL playoffs.

Brian Flores takes pride in bringing something positive from Honduras

Through its social networks, Florida announced the ownership exit Flowers It has sealed the last two winning seasons and is only one game away from going into the postseason.

Miami With Flowers He started the first season 5-11 as 0-7, finishing second in the second year with a score of 10-6, and in the most recent one he started the campaign as 1-7 and was 9-8 after winning seven games. Continually

I decided to go different paths with Brian Flores. After evaluating how we are as an organization and where we want to go, I feel this is the best decision for the owner. We have a young team with a lot of talent and we can do even better in 2022, ”he said. Stephen Rose, Owner Miami Dolphins.

FlowersThe 40-year-old has recorded 24 wins and 25 defeats in three seasons as head coach of the team. The last two, something with a positive record Miami I have not been able to do that since 2016.

The play tells the story of coach Brian Flores and his mother

He crowned his rival’s season for the first time since Sunday’s victory New England PatriotsSince 2000, Honduran have said they are proud to have replaced their current team after seven consecutive defeats.

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“Players and coaches will be proud. I always feel at home and I wish I could have done more. Thanks to the hard working soldiers and our support staff. This is a special team. I’m happy and proud to be a part of it, “he said. Flowers.

Journalists’ comments on the dismissal of Brian Flores

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