Hooters employees angry about their new ‘uniform’

Hooters employees angry about their new ‘uniform’

Texas, United States.

The new uniform of the American restaurant”trumpetsControversy in social networks, to be exact tik tokIts employees say they are too short.

Many workers in the famous restaurant, which is famous for its staff uniform sexy shapeShare their hate on social media tik tok Show off their new outfits.

In some videos adding millions of views, the girls show the old and then the new shorts, showing that the size of the shorts has been reduced, to make them look more.

According to NBC News, American horns “The shorts were introduced at their Texas locations before being distributed to a wider range of locations.” However, some sites, those of the franchise original trumpetsThey’re still wearing the original shorts.

For everyone who says it’s about women’s gender, it’s literally trumpets. That’s the point,” one user wrote.

male clients

trumpets It targets male clients with female employees as barely dressed waitresses, although there are males working at Hooters as chefs, hosts and managers. The restaurant began operations on October 4, 1983 with a restaurant in Clearwater, Florida.

Some consider the uniform as a symbol of the transsexuality of women. The general atmosphere of the restaurant can be seen women’s groups As sexist and degrading to women

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