Horner explains why Seiko Perez’s car was almost recalled in Azerbaijan

Horner explains why Seiko Perez’s car was almost recalled in Azerbaijan

The Red Bull captain praised the life of the Mexican and congratulated himself on gaining an advantage at the Builders’ Championship.

Christian Horner, captain of the Red Bull team, shared details of why the car was almost removed Sergio ‘Seco’ Perez At the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan Twice since finishing the race, he defeated Mexican driver Lewis Hamilton.

“It had a hydraulic problem and we were very concerned about not making it to the end of the car race, so it was stopped after the flag was checked,” Horner said. Sky Sports After the race.

“He thought we could only lose when we restarted, but you know, luckily everything went so well, Sergio did a great, great job,” said the Austrian team boss.

Helmut Marco, a consultant and one of the team’s key voices, also noted the problem: “Fortunately there was a restart. It was a little difficult for Perez because he had some minor issues. The race went on for a long time, the big ones became those issues. In the end everything went well.”

Similarly, Horner praised Perez’s life, showing a lot of experience after his poor qualification on Saturday., Max Verstappen was in good form despite not being able to finish the match.

“It was great. It was fast all weekend, the only lap that failed was yesterday’s qualifying lap, which was the first in Q3. But his career, his speed racing was amazing. He gave the pass to Ferrari. In fact, if he hadn’t gone deep into the pit stop, he Max may have surpassed him, that’s his pace, and then you saw him run at full speed with Lewis, “he said.

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Finally, Verstappen, who is the leader of the drivers ‘championship, congratulated himself for taking the lead in the builders’ championship, which took first place from Perez.

“We suddenly lost Max, from the loss of a championship lead, to the frustration that Lewis could overtake him in the resumption of winning the race. This is a roller coaster that goes into this game.”

“We have retained the same advantage at the Drivers Championship coming from here, and we have expanded the builders,” Horner said.

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