How a futsal field differs from a basketball field

How a futsal field differs from a basketball field

Basketball and futsal (mini football) are two sports that have many similarities. These are 5 on 5 games that are played on a court of similar size. Therefore, it is not surprising that many tactical strategies and approaches are similar. 

Of course the differences of the fields are much less important than their strategy of play however as a consequence, they should be taken into account by those interested in Vulkan basketball bet offers. 

Comparison of futsal and basketball fields

The laws of futsal betting and basketball are relatively simple. But the requirements for a futsal field must strictly comply with the established standards. 

Rules for measuring the parameters of the football field 

All parameters of a futsal field are measured in yards. Measures are taken off the lines, as they are part of the bounded surface. The ratio of the length and width of the futsal field depends on its purpose. It is essential that the sideline of the pitch is larger than the line of the goal..

The rules of marking relate to the playing field. But when designing a futsal stadium, as well as a basketball stadium, it is important to take into account the areas around the field behind the goal line and the technical areas behind the sidelines of the futsal field. To ensure the game and the placement of the technical zone, the grass cover goes beyond the line of the futsal field markings. 

What is the size of a standard futsal field? 

The maximum and minimum dimensions of the futsal field according to the markings: 

  • Width : minimum 45 meters (50 yards) and maximum 90 meters (100 yards). 
  • Field area in hectares: from 0.405 hectares to 1.08 hectares (or from 4050 to 10800 square meters).
  • Length: minimum 90 meters (100 yards) and maximum 120 meters (130 yards). 

Basketball court marking

The playing area is slightly different from the futsal one. It must be limited to two front and two side lines. But as in futsal, these lines are not part of the court.

The center line is drawn parallel to the front lines from the middle of the touch lines and must extend 15 cm beyond each touch line.

The free throw line is drawn parallel to each face-off line. 

Restricted areas are rectangular areas marked on the court, bounded by the front lines, free throw lines. 

The central circle is marked in the center of the court and has a radius of 1.80 m, measured to the outer edge of the circle.

Basketball court – marking standards

The requirements for the marking of the basketball court are approved by the FIBA standard. The court must be flat, with a hard surface, not to have bends, cracks and other obstacles. 

  • By NBA standards, the field is slightly larger: 28.7 m (94′ feet) long and 15.3 m (50′ feet) wide.
  • Accepted dimensions of the field: length 28 m and width 16 m.

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