How dangerous is a Rottweiler in the home? | Society | magazine

How dangerous is a Rottweiler in the home?  |  Society |  magazine

Due to its physical characteristics, the Rottweiler is one of the potentially dangerous dogs in most of the world.

With a strong build, great strength and large teeth, the Rottweiler is one of the breeds that can intimidate more than one. Since ancient times, this breed has been classified as one of the ideal breeds that puppies are trained to fight and inspire fear, and thus it has been classified as the PPP breed (Dogs are potentially dangerous) In different parts of the world.

History dates that these dogs have it Its origin goes back to ancient Rome, Was at the beginning Bred to herds of cattle And taking care of it from other threatened species; It was also used to pull meat carts from butchers. Although aesthetically speaking it appears to be an aggressive dog, its personality includes traits such as loyalty, patience, and obedience.

Regarding myths about whether an animal is suitable for a family environment, the Ecuadorian Veterinarian in Animalopolis Veterinary Clinic Hospital And expert on this breed, Glenda Sánchez Ycaza confirms that having a Rottweiler in the house is not a great danger, and explains that everything will depend on the relationship between the animal and its owner.

“Yes, a bite from this animal can be fatal,” Sanchez says, “but everything is in a breeding state,” he adds. The specialist explains that this breed needs to be taken care of in a different way, from small breeds, and he also insists that Rottweiler owners should treat their pets with more sympathy and work on the interaction of these dogs with other animals, from very young.

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In the National Regulations on Responsible Ownership and Handling of Dogs, issued in February 2009, it states that in order for a person to have a PPP breed, such as a Rottweiler or its crosses, the owner must have several requirements; Among them is a mentally stable person to obtain a possession permit.

What makes this breed dangerous, according to the vet, is only its size and strength. It also ensures that this is not something specific to the breed, and that the Rottweiler does not tend to be aggressive, however, if the animal is not in good breeding conditions and attacks, it has a bite that can be dangerous, keeping in mind that its bite will not be as dangerous as a dog bite Small.

Rottweiler bite is better than bull bite.

To breed this breed, the expert recommends that owners be confident when teaching the puppy, providing affection and positive discipline; In other words, corporal punishment should be avoided, rather it should be trained with stimuli or rewards. These dogs should not face stressful or frightening situations, such as being restrained or isolated; They also do not lack comfort because their fears and insecurity can develop into aggression. (I am)

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