How many Venezuelans have played in the NBA Finals?

How many Venezuelans have played in the NBA Finals?

In the history of NBA, only three Venezuelans have managed to become part of one of the 30 teams in the American League. Carl Herrera, Oscar Torres and Grevis Vazquez are the only three Creoles who have been able to take their talents to the federation and compete against the best players from all over the planet.

Of the three Venezuelans who made it to the North American League, only one of them managed to be champion and lift the Larry O'Brien Trophy as an important part of his team. He even became known as one of the best players to come off the bench in the entire NBA.

Which Venezuelan played in the finals?

Of the three Creoles who played in the Union, only Carl Herrera reached the NBA Finals. “Amigo,” as he was known, played and won two of them in his career with the Houston Rockets, becoming the first Latino to win a title in the American League.

In 1994, the Rockets defeated the New York Knicks in a seven-game series. The following year, Houston faced the Orlando Magic and were swept. In both finals, Herrera was a starter for the Texans as one of the bench and added two championship rings to his record, being the only Creole to achieve this in all of history.

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