How much money will Bad Bunny earn for his concerts in Mexico?

How much money will Bad Bunny earn for his concerts in Mexico?

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A few days ago there was a file Chaos for series Concerts who – which Bad Bunny will be in Mexicocor, As part of “The Most Important Tour of the World”, where there was everything, of memes Even people who owe their families, but the thing everyone wonders is: How much money will the singer earn?

carry pad rabbit Anywhere in the world Giving a party is not cheap, Well, be one of the most popular urban singers right now Ask for a large amount of moneySo, now we will reveal a mysterious mystery that fans are asking to solve.

How much will Bad Bunny cost to come to Mexico?

according to international media, After consulting with different organizers From Concerts Bad bunny around the world, a Bad Bunny’s average number To revive a concert that will surprise you.

According to your data, Bad Rabbit earns at least 1 million dollars per presentation, which can translate into a little more 20 million and 384 thousand pesos for each date.

as we know, bad bunny He will give four concerts in MexicoAnd So I will win 4 million dollars Which is roughly equivalent to over 81 million pesos (according to the current exchange rate)… in 4 days!

When will Bad Bunny arrive in Mexico 2022?

How much are Bad Bunny tickets in Mexico?

It should be noted that Bad Bunny concert tickets in Mexico Already sold outwhich had the following prices:

  • Candida: from 660 to 3 thousand 336 pesos
  • Court: 3,600 pesos
  • Hole area: 8 thousand 450 pesos
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the resale subordinate tickets for them Concerts It has also reached exorbitant numbers since then ranging from 5 thousand pesos “the cheapest” to 60 thousand pesos, Although they are doing a good job, a lot of people are taking advantage of this singer’s hype to make big profits.

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