How much will it cost to open a McDonald's restaurant in 2024?

How much will it cost to open a McDonald's restaurant in 2024?

The opening of a McDonald's restaurant in 2024 marks a Investment opportunity In one of the most famous brands globally.

From its humble beginnings as a barbecue restaurant in 1940, to becoming a giant fast food chain serving 68 million customers daily in 119 countries, McDonald's is now one of the most successful restaurants today.

For those interested in being part of this success story, opening a McDonald's franchise requires a total investment of… Between $1.3 million and $2.3 millionIn addition, you must have liquid capital of $500,000.

The franchise fee was set at $45,000, with a 4% rate on sales. In addition, the company provides financing options to make the process easier for franchisees.

Currently, more than 80% of McDonald's restaurants in the world exist Managed by franchiseesWhich confirms the company's successful business model.

McDonald's is not only looking for investors, it is also looking for people with business leadership experience, who have previously managed or owned businesses.

In addition to its strong brand, the company also provides comprehensive marketing and training support to ensure franchisees' success.

more than 39,000 branches in operation A story that began with a simple idea from two brothers and catapulted to global success by Ray Kroc, McDonald's is an attractive choice for entrepreneurs.

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