How To Bet On The Super Bowl Online: The 2022 Ultimate Big Game Guide

How To Bet On The Super Bowl Online: The 2022 Ultimate Big Game Guide

In the past, the Super Bowl was synonymous with endless underground gambling, but that has gradually changed over the years. For the LVI edition of this great sporting event, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers are tied atop the Week 16 odds.

For this year, it’s expected that there will be a record more than 7.6 million Americans betting online, which means more compared to 2021.

Below, we explain how to bet on the Super Bowl online and some tips for Super Bowl Prop Betting that you should know.

How to Bet on Super Bowl

In the United States, Moneyline or American odds are positive or negative numbers that tell you how much money you have to bet to win $100 or how much you will win if you bet $100.

The NFL Super Bowl has transcended the world of gambling thanks to how entertaining the game is. Nowadays, it’s very easy to place bets through online bookmakers, which offer excellent odds. Although there are many bookies, the process to bet on the Super Bowl is pretty the same:

  • Choose a bookmaker of your preference
  • Check the schedule of the games
  • Select the game you want to bet on
  • Analyze the types of bets and choose one or more
  • Pick your bet selection
  • Enter the amount you want to bet
  • Wait for the game and claim your money if you get your prediction right

You must review the Terms and Conditions of the bookmaker, as well as the winning odds and possible commissions, which may change depending on the bookmaker you choose.

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Tips to Bet on the Super Bowl

The following tips will help when betting on the Super Bowl:

Analyze The Statistics

Team data is the most important thing for any sports bet, and the Super Bowl is no exception. Before placing a bet, be sure to review the results obtained by the teams in previous games. For example, in the case of the Las Vegas Raiders, these are some recent data based on their 2021 regular season:


  • Points scored: 21.2
  • Passing Yards: 274.7
  • Turnovers: 24

Thanks to statistics like these, you can make predictions for various bets. For example, the points scored could help you guess the winner of the game or the total result with the ups and downs. If, in this case, the Raiders were playing the Los Angeles Chargers, you could look at their stats side by side and make better predictions.

Pay Attention To Losses And Injuries

You can get a lot out of this, especially if an injury occurred during practice or off the field. To give you an example, in Week 1 of the 2020 season, the Texans had Gilaspia and Brandin Cooks with leg tendon and quadricep injuries, respectively. So they had limited participation in workouts.

For their part, the Chiefs kept their main players in top condition, and practices went smoothly. When they had to face each other in their last game, the Chiefs beat the Texans by 34 points against 20, a very uneven result that undoubtedly was caused by the situation with their players and injuries.

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If you’re an NFL lover, you likely follow all the news, and surely you also know that a team with a high odds in a bookmaker for not being the favorite increases its chances of winning if its rival presents low.

Take Into Account Last Season

In this case, we can tell you that in the 2019 season, the Patriots defense had the highest numbers in interceptions (353). In the 2020 season, the team continued with its good numbers, staying in first place with 63 interceptions.

If a team maintains its roster from season to season, as is the case with the Patriots, you can see that it’s very likely that early in the tournament, they will come out strong.

Analyze The Star Players

Quarterbacks represent an excellent chance for a team to win, and they can significantly impact scores. You must keep track of these essential players to make your predictions. For example, in the case of the Kansas City Chiefs, undoubtedly, the talent of their star Patrick Mahomes largely determined their success.

Place Multiple Bets

Sometimes, even if you may not realize it, some bets complement each other. For example, if you predict the ups or downs, you have likely calculated the points per team. It’s a good option that you bet even on the winner, and you will already have three results that, even if you don’t perform in a combined way, can bring you good profits.

There you have it. Are you excited about the upcoming Super Bowl this February? We are also, and the event is a chance to make some cash.

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