How to choose the best online poker room

How to choose the best online poker room

There are few online pastimes that are as challenging or as rewarding when done right as playing poker. The most iconic card game in the world is now enjoyed by at least 120 million online players around the globe. That’s a lot of potential poker opponents and there is no shortage of online poker rooms ready to charge their rake for your next game.

If you’re new to the world of online poker, it can be difficult to know where to start when looking for a good online poker site. The simple answer is “right here.”

A recommendation is worth a lot

If you need a trustworthy car mechanic or plumber, what do you do? Recommendations trump anything else you might see on the web. If your brother or your colleague recommends something or someone, that counts for a lot. If you don’t move in poker playing circles in office or domestic life, there are websites whose very existences are dedicated to reviewing online poker sites and gathering the best real money options for online players in the US and further afield. Look at one of these first, as it will give you a manageable shortlist of poker sites that are above board.

User experience

Take some time to look around each site. It should be simple and intuitive to navigate. What type of game options are available? The best sites will usually offer some sort of “just for fun” games that you can try out for free, to really get a feel for the platform, so make use of them if so. 

Promotions and bonuses

Like other forms of online gambling, such as casinos and sports betting, the online poker world is competitive, and providers typically offer bonuses and promos to tempt new players in through the doors. These might take the form of freerolls or bonus cash. Check what is on offer, and factor this into your thinking. A word of warning, though, don’t just blindly choose the platform offering the biggest bonus without checking out the other aspects we mention, too. After all, bonuses are great, but they are soon used up and gone!

Show me the money

If you’re good enough to win some money in a poker tournament, the chances are you’ll want to withdraw it without delay. Take a good look at the terms and conditions to make sure the site is committed to fast payouts. This is often linked to the type of payment you choose, so see what is available here at the same time. For example, if you prefer to make Bitcoin transfers, these are typically faster than bank transfers, so be sure to choose a poker site that can accommodate crypto.

Customer service

Good service providers take customer service seriously, that is a truth that doesn’t only apply to poker rooms. You can learn a lot by simply hitting the “contact us” button. There should be a phone number or instant chat window where you can speak to someone without delay. If there’s nothing more than an email address or contact form, think twice before joining up.

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