How, when and where will the eBay basketball tournament be?

How, when and where will the eBay basketball tournament be?

The projects of the Spanish content maker do not stop, because after collecting more than 3 million users simultaneously in their boxing event, the evening of the second year, eBay has now revealed its location ‘A great basketball event’ Which will be broadcast on the official Twitch channel on September 12.

Next to Fiba (International Basketball Federation), the broadcaster will put eight teams to compete in a 3-on-3 game format, and the teams will be made up of four famous internet creators who will compete in the field sport.

Teams that will compete in the Streamers Cup

So starting next Monday, September 12th, we will be able to have fun FIBA Cup 3 x 3 streamers, the new proposal from Ibai Llanos. The tournament will include the FIBA’s three-to-three regulations.

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Lead the participating teams KOI (The team is owned by Ibai and Gerard Piqué), Team Heretics (Thegrefg Club), Drafteados, Los Rupas, Mari Ángeles Lakers, McQuack, Detonadores and Los Galácticos.

KOI: Viruzz, Tresco, Reven, and Kuro OG.

Heretics: Micho, Gorgo, Chambi and Vetober.

Coined: Jose Sanz de Tejada, Sergio Andres, Miguel Quintana, Jordi de Mas.

Rupas: Atega, expendable, sergeram, laia.

Mary Angels Lakers: Kiwi, Subrisito, Pape Jaffe, Alfoncito.

McQuack: Rupero, Vector, Nexxuz, and KenaiVSouza.

Detonators: Espi, Momo, Blida, and Aircris.

Galaxies: Perxita, Amaya, Ari Geli, and Siro.

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When is the evening of the third year?

If there are significant events pressing the world of video games with boxing, it is public evening, the tournament that broke the paradigms on Twitch with intense combat. The new version already has a date and it will be on September 30th when the bulletin board is revealed and gives us the weight of the contenders, but finally on October 2nd it will be broken again upon Twitch.

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