How will the European Super League be played?

How will the European Super League be played?

Learn about the competition format and participating teams of the new European Super League

A group of twelve of the most important clubs in the world decided to express themselves to the situation a Superlica, which includes Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Milan and Manchester United, In a match played as follows.

What clubs participate in tournaments?

Each year the tournament features 15 regular clubs, including Milan, Arsenal, Atletico de Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​International Milano, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur. Teams that are classified annually, according to the results of their competition.

What will the competition system be like?

The 20 clubs considered for the European Super League will be divided into two teams of 10 teams and play in touring tournaments. Once that round is over, the top four teams in each field will qualify, and the knockout round will begin, ending with the final match of a tournament.

When does the competition start?

According to the organizers, the Super League will start soon and that date is expected to be next August, as the competition between the best teams in Europe wants to start next season.

On what day will the games be played?

Matches will take place in the middle of the week, so each club will be able to fulfill its local championship duties, and in addition wins will be distributed equally among all clubs involved.

What do FIFA and UEFA say about the Super League?

FIFA and the UEFA opposed the Super League because it was a match outside their jurisdiction. They have threatened to exclude clubs and footballers from any competition organized by the two football companies, although the clubs did not pay much attention to the announcements.

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